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Stray Birds — A quiet and beautiful love song

“I sat at the window this morning, and the world stopped like a passer-by for a while, nodded to me and walked away.” “You can’t see yourself, what you see is your shadow.” “Man is a newborn child, and his power is the power of growth.” “The light is like a naked child, playing happily among the green leaves, it doesn’t know that people can cheat.” “The world runs on the strings of the hesitating heart and plays a melancholy music.” “Make life as beautiful as summer flowers and death as beautiful as autumn leaves.” These beautiful verses and maxims are widely known. He is a sage, a world-class pure poet, and an Indian poet Tagore, who is called “child angel” by many modern poets. His eyes can see the meaning of all things. In his poems, you can only feel peace, Feel comfort. He is the conscience of the world – the poet has broad sympathy and pure love for life. Tagore’s Stray Birds makes us feel the solemn and beautiful literature, the pure beauty and goodness of human nature.

Stray Birds: Tagore and Rilke, the quiet and beautiful love songs, are two of my favorite great poets. “Stray birds in summer come to my window to sing and fly away. Yellow leaves in autumn have nothing to sing. They just sigh and fly down there.” Whenever I read Tagore’s Stray Birds, I was always infected by the poet’s noble virtues and the beauty of great human nature. The 325 English aphorisms, short and beautiful verses, like the wind in the forest, gently caress your body and mind… How many years have passed, The pages turn yellow, and Tagore’s poems contain infinite mysteries of the world.

Stray Birds is a small poem selected by Tagore from the 1899 Weisiji. Most of the original works are allegorical philosophical poems. Tagore chose some short and pithy poems to translate into English. The other part is Tagore’s improvised works, which became an English poetry collection, Stray Birds, and was published in 1916. Tagore was inspired by the Japanese “haiku” sentence, and the short aphorism poem became a world classic. It combines the essence of Indian Brahma and perfectly combines nature and human nature. If “Crescent Collection” is the world of children, and “Stray Birds Collection” is the thought of young people, the poet’s mind often falls into depression and irritability when writing. He often asks himself, what is the significance of the poet’s activities? Can a few lines of poetry be painted to show the sublimity and greatness of people? The country is poor and backward, people are stupid and ignorant, and where the motherland and I are going.

The themes of life – loneliness, fear, love, death, love, God, creation… The short poems focus on the spiritual issues that the poet pays attention to all his life. The fragments of thought form a special organic whole in the undercurrent of spirit. When we read Stray Birds, we are undoubtedly looking for the guidance of a prophet, and it is also a process of constantly sharpening our own thoughts. The deeper we think, the more direct we express. In modern society, people are often suffering from fear, fear of unemployment, fear of the future, we want too much and too eager, family and life blame each other and complain too much, the inevitable result of condemning the things around is to become cynicism, despair and helplessness. When we finally bow to fate, think that we are the victims of the environment, and succumb to the bad luck brought by the so-called fatalism, we discard hope, give up ideals, get used to the fate, and choose to stagnate.

Read “Stray Birds Collection” and feel the great poet’s childlike and fraternal spirit. In the depths of people’s hearts, there is no stronger need than the desire to understand – hope that others will listen, respect and value their own voice, and hope to influence others. Open your mind and not allow the whole family. Most people are easily affected by their emotions. Stray Birds can purify your mind, become the son of nature, and breathe with plants. Poetry is the source of our inner strength. “Let life be as beautiful as summer flowers, and death as beautiful as autumn leaves.” When the body dies, the soul will move forward, look down on life and death, have no regrets about life, and do unlimited things in limited life, In poetry, we can find the distance and orientation between ideal and reality. Not avoiding the world, not exaggerating, not cowardly, is the true love and pursuit of life. Conflicts and differences in reality are just different ways of thinking. Values, motivations and goals are also different. Sometimes they are completely antagonistic. Dissolving confrontation and skillfully balancing body and mind is an important part of Indian philosophy, which is also a distinctive feature of Stray Birds. It dialectically thinks and perfectly expresses the philosophy of life. To gain is to lose. Glory is better than silence. Truth is the secret of the universe and the driving force for progress, As the poet said, “The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover.” If you want to seek truth, you will get truth. The artistic path of exploring truth is endless.

I read Tagore’s poems every day, and I can forget all the troubles in the world by reading a line of his poems. It is said that Tagore, a poet growing up in the kingdom of poetry in India, has a distinguished family in India. His friends and elders are all famous Indian philosophers and poets. Tagore’s father was also a genius at that time. The great poetry that grew up in a superior environment was irrigated a lot. The poet’s personality has tolerance and sympathy beyond life and death. Stray Birds is Tagore’s natural germination and growth, An artistic masterpiece that blooms and bears fruit.

Tagore, who lives in the depths of our souls, his works correspond to our hearts. It is any one of us, anyone who is reading him, and any spirit who has love; You are yourself, who has been looking for and lost; You are the eternal, the endless river. Tagore wrote the eternal beauty for us with his inner deep emotion and musical words.

He is the first of our saints: not to reject life, but to speak of life itself, which is why we love him. The Indians revered Tagore as a saint. The poet’s clear and bright eyes on his handsome face. He has been extraordinary and enterprising all his life. He has run schools, traveled around, and promoted peace. He has visited China. His spacious robe is as elegant as an immortal, accompanied by Xu Zhimo and Lin Huiyin, two golden children and jade girls. Tagore is deeply loved by Chinese readers, while Bingxin is the most affected by his works.

I believe in your love. Tagore often said, believe – the courage and love to enter the world, love life through love Tagore, and open a door to dialogue with the world through poetry; Ruqi Star leads us to the dawn and let Tagore accompany us forever. As long as there is gentle and firm love in the heart, life will have crystal texture and thick strength.


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