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The ups and downs of Hollywood blockbusters

Why is it that many people would rather spend a lot of time watching TV dramas rather than reading world classics?

I think, on the one hand, the past people are more idle, the book pace is particularly slow, such as Hugo in “Notre Dame de Paris” with dozens of pages to describe a church; on the other hand, the world classics are classics, not because they are easy to read, but they are rooted in the social environment of the time, created many “precedent”, with epoch-making significance, such as “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, “Castle” and so on.

Novels such as The Three Musketeers and the Count of Monte Cristo were only “popular books” at the time and difficult to ascend.

When I read the world classics by myself, the realm is not so high, and it is difficult to read the profound thoughts behind it.

I remember that year after reading the short version of War and Peace, for a long time, the story was: a man fell in love with a woman and then a playboy; and her brother fell in love with the sister, and then the emotional entanglement between her sister and the man; then…

Ok, back to the point, now I will recommend some literary classics, plot ups and downs, comparable to Hollywood blockbusters.

The Count of Monte Cristo

This book has played a huge role in forming my “money worship” outlook on life, values and world outlook

If “good”, the first should be Dumas’s Count of Monte Cristo.

This book, also known as “Christ mountain feud”, tells the story of a happy feud —— male hero is the chief mate of a merchant ship, he is young and promising, by the captain’s dying instructions: for Napoleon I imprisoned on the island sent a letter.

At this time, there are three jealous of the male hero of the villain framed him. On the wedding day, the hero was taken away by the police and was put to death row. Fortunately, men knew a mysterious old man in prison, the old man taught a variety of knowledge to men, but also before the death of a batch of treasure secrets told him.

Later, the hero managed to escape, found the treasure, become a huge rich. From then on, he took the alias Count of Monte Cristo, and repaid his benefactor and took revenge on his enemies one by one.

Money should not be everything, but this book is just fascinating.


Shakespeare is vicious, but also mean enough

The story of Hamlet is already very popular: the hero Hamlet is a prince, his father was killed by his uncle, his throne was usurped by his uncle, and his mother soon married the uncle. His father’s ghost told Hamlet the truth. Later, Hamlet design verified the truth, and then and his uncle fought wits, and finally died with his uncle…

This story is not twists and turns, and the opposition between good and evil is particularly obvious, for used to see the complex plot (such as palace drama, brain movies) friends, the plot setting is as simple as a fairy tale; but, every plot in the story is special tension, and Shakespeare put the art of English to the extreme ——

“Avoid arguing with people, but when you argue, make them be afraid of you.”

“A woman’s sorrow and love are not enough or redundant.”

“To be or not to be ?That’s a question!”

Pu Cunxin once performed the story in the way of a drama. It can be said that his every action and every expression is a play!

In addition, Disney’s classic animation The Lion King is based on this script, just moved the stage to the African savannah.

Oliver Twist

Douban netizen: the first half of the best to ridicule, the second half of the thrilling can not stop.

The story tells the story of an orphan bullied, finally escape, then fell into a thief, occasionally met a series of misunderstandings, and have no chance to explain… but in the end, the orphan still tries to stick to the purity and nobility of the heart.

This is the most moving part of the novel.

The author calmly seeks, layout, and finally give you a warm ending.


Leagues Under the Sea

Douban netizen: the people of that era to imagine, must feel very novel. Now it’s normal

The story tells about a science professor who goes hunting whales with a warship, and the boat turns that the guy is not a whale, but a submarine!

The captain of the submarine is a mysterious and rich man who hates society, detaining the professors and taking them to the sea around the world. After a shipwreck, the professor and others were able to get away and return to the land to write the memoir.

Well, it sounds pretty dull, and the submarine is not a new fantasy!

However, the novel was published at the time of the Chinese Westernization Movement. At that time, the British had just introduced the railway to China, “a strange car, running on the railway, very fast”. He was later ordered to dismantle it because he frightened the Empress Dowager Cixi…

And the “submarine” such a thing, in that time, is it more science fiction than today’s “artificial intelligence”?

Later, the United States used the name of the submarine, the world’s first nuclear submarine was named —— Nautilus (USS Nautilus).

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Douban netizen: I am no longer yearning for life in books!

This book is a boy’s wonderful adventure story —— his naughty in life, often skip class, always scolded by parents and teachers; but he never lack of love and warmth, whether to the family, classmates or neighbors.

He collected the rags he picked up like treasures, he was looking forward to one day running away from home and returning home, he dreamed of doing everything for his “lover”… in short, he was a lone hero in his world.

But in real life, what the “hero” does every day is to attend classes, recite texts, and do housework.

At the end of the story, the boy finds the treasure and wins the “heart” of his sweetheart.

Travel around the world in eighty days

Douban netizen: wrote a very happy novel!

The story tells about a rich man who lives a regular life. One day, he made a bet with his friends, saying, “With the modern transportation being developed, you can travel around the world in 80 days at most.”His friends hecked him to walk around the earth in 80 days.

The rich man left, accompanied by a young servant known as “road”.

At this time, a bank money was stolen, the thief looked like the rich man. So a detective quietly followed the rich man, waiting to arrest him…

In this way, a mysterious rich man, a dull but particularly loyal servant, and a confused detective, began an 80-day adventure.

As Douban netizen @ low an wandering described:

“The fascinating part of this book is that the protagonist is like a big bell in his heart, he does not move like a mountain, no accident can stop. With the progress of the day, he travels around the world.”

Finally, I think, reading should be a pleasant thing.

Some people read “The Three Kingdoms” “Water Margin” such popular novels are very addictive, some people read “one hundred years of loneliness” such novels are also very addictive, vary from person to person!


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