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“Twenty thousand miles under the sea”

I once had a dream that I would own a submarine of my own, sail in the vast ocean, observe all kinds of animals in the sea, walk through the mountains and trees under the sea, and enjoy the beauty of the sea, as if I had belonged to the sea… All of this was realized in “20000 Miles under the Sea”.

This book is the famous work of French writer Verne. It tells the story of Mr. Arronas and his servant, as well as the harpoon hand Niederland, who accidentally entered the “Nautilus” submarine while chasing the “sea monster”. In the ten months on board, they traveled 20000 miles, across the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the South Pole and the North Pole, walked through the forests, volcanoes, plains and coral bushes on the seabed, observed pearl mining and mining, and saw countless animals and natural wonders. Finally, Mr. Aronas, his servant and harpoon man escaped successfully when the “Nautilus” was caught in the Arctic Ocean storm.

The most unforgettable thing in the book is the great navigator, Captain Nimo of the “Nautilus”. He loves the sea, regards the sea as his home, and perseveres in exploring the mysteries of the sea. He treasures the treasure in the sea and reads books about the sea. He found and passed through the “Arabian undersea tunnel”, and finally reached the South Pole after paying a heavy price. His footprints have covered the sea floor. He buried his companions in the sea floor, and determined his final destination as the sea. Sometimes, when he came to the shore, he could see the waves gently brushing the boat, and the sea level connected with the sky. At this time, he must love the sea more.

He has extraordinary creativity and is also the captain, designer and constructor of the “Nautilus”. He boldly used electricity as the energy source of submarines; He not only set up rooms with various functions such as library, museum, living room and bedroom on the submarine, but also made the “Nautilus” have extremely fast speed and hard shell through ingenious design, which can not only dive deep into the sea, but also swim like a free fish in the sea. He said proudly, “This is an excellent ship”, “I love it as I love my life.”

He has a strong will. In order to reach the South Pole, he crossed the ice and exhausted the air; In order to save his companions, he bravely fought with the octopus; In order to explore the sea, he traveled around the world by boat. He always has the confidence and perseverance to support himself to move forward.

However, Captain Nemo is also a cold and vengeful man. His family has died, his motherland has died, and his original good life has been destroyed. He disguised his crazy revenge with indifference. He trained his crew, prescribed his language, and built his own boat. All he did was to sever relations with mankind and better implement his revenge. He regarded the sea as a “home”, but also as a “graveyard”. He used the “Nautilus” to sink all the ships, and watched the frightened people struggling at the end of their lives with indifference. Only then could his revenge be satisfied.

I understand his hatred of human beings, but I don’t think it is necessary for him to kill countless innocent people in order to meet his own needs. Fate has made him go through hardships, and made him possess amazing will and ability. With his love, creativity and perseverance for the ocean, he can do all kinds of exploration and research in the ocean alone, enjoy the fun of nature, and become a great and knowledgeable navigator, and spend his life carefree. But because of his indifference and hatred, when he felt the beauty of the sea, his resentment became deeper and deeper. He was always thinking of revenge, which eventually pushed him into the abyss of sin and could not extricate himself. When we encounter misfortunes, only by forgetting our resentment, being good at discovering the beauty of life, and learning to be grateful and tolerant, can we obtain true spiritual relief.

“Twenty thousand miles under the sea” shows us the infinite mystery of the sea, and also tells the story of a great navigator buried by hatred. I am the same as the author, “I hope that the spectacle of silence will extinguish the fire of revenge in his heart; I hope that the judge will pass away, and the scholars will continue to explore in the calm seabed”; I hope that Captain Nemo can get rid of his status as an indifferent revenger and put his heart into the sea and become a great navigator without pain and hatred.


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