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See those immigrant stories from Vancouver, Women Living Abroad

Yesterday, I saw a book about immigration, Vancouver, Women Living Abroad, in the library and flipped it over. Although the author did not indicate that it was a biography, the introduction of the author’s own experience basically coincided with the experience of the protagonist in the book. It is estimated that it is based on the author’s own experience.

This book tells the story of Helena, the heroine, who immigrated from Shanghai to Vancouver, married and settled down with her fiance Parker, a local white youth, and her husband was killed in the crash of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11 for work reasons.

Helena’s immigration story, which is a typical married woman, accounts for a small proportion of the Chinese immigrants in Vancouver, mostly in the early 2000s or even earlier. At that time, the domestic economy was relatively backward. In addition to overseas students and married women, there were also some skilled immigrants with better economic conditions and higher education in big cities. There is another kind of strange thing, that is, the Laolai finally applied for immigration in the form of refugees or marrying local people.

With such a woman, her immigration experience is also eye-opening. Before 2000, she came to Canada at a foreign trade company in the northwest to participate in a foreign trade exchange meeting. The exchange meeting is actually a disguised travel group. Under the guise of economic and trade exchanges, it uses public resources to apply for visas and travel abroad with public funds. The people in the group are employees of foreign trade companies all over the country. In fact, everyone has different ideas.

As soon as the plane arrived at the Toronto airport, after leaving the customs, all the people in the group left was her and another person waiting for their luggage. After the two partners picked up their luggage, they waited on the left and waited on the right. He began to look for the leader everywhere. It happened that the leader was preparing to leave. The leader told them the truth.

It turns out that many people have prepared for the affairs after going abroad before going abroad, and there is no “trade fair” at all. Some people have transferred to the United States, some have relatives and friends have been taken away, and most of them have no intention of returning home. They are the only two ignorant people who don’t know what happened.

Later, the woman saw that everyone was black here. Her heart was broken and she tried to get black. But she doesn’t know anyone and has no immigration status. How can she stay here? It was also her own ability and ruthlessness. She divorced her husband in China and married a local old man before taking her identity down, so she would not be sent back to the country. Of course, the relationship with the domestic husband has gradually faded due to the fake divorce, but now the old man who married the fake marriage has been living.

Now the immigrants have more strength. In the past few years, the investment immigration has been opened, and the immigrants have economic foundation. However, in the end, fathers of these families chose to continue to make money in China, leaving mothers here to accompany their children to study. And those early skilled immigrants, because of their technical strength and good language, both husband and wife find professional jobs and live well. It is no longer like those single-handed immigrants in the early days who struggle for life and identity every day in a foreign country.


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