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“Worry relief grocery store”

The most expected way. A dramatic plot of the story is that several young thieves, although living at the bottom of the society and even being regarded as scum, have inadvertently changed the life track of many people because of an opportunity to relieve their worries for others. In ordinary days, no one is good at listening to them, but now some people take the initiative to speak their hearts and look forward to their suggestions.

At first, they simply reprimanded the other party, but this simple and rough way just aroused the desire of the other party to tell more facts to justify themselves. Later, they relied on the known facts to guide the counselor to solve their own problems and achieved success. No one would think that the person who is grateful from the bottom of his heart in the future is actually a few young men who have not received a good education, have a humble origin and have committed the heinous crime of theft. But it is their language that weakens the emotional expression and strengthens the statement of fact that makes the consultant calm down to see his own situation and make his own decision. After reading this book, I asked myself, is this a love story? It seems not, but I think it is. When he was young, Lang Yan’s grandfather and his girlfriend, Yu Yue Xiaozi, eloped without success. Xiao Zi, who loved Lang Yan deeply, later founded an orphanage near his hometown, Maru Guang Yuan, and remained unmarried for life. In his later years, he opened the grocery store to ease his worries.

What he didn’t know was that many of the people he helped were children coming out of the orphanage, and one of the objects of the thieves’ reply was the musician who saved the children in the orphanage. These subtle connections make me feel like a kind of strange fetter in the dark. It happened between Langya and Xiaozi… They both miss each other silently, and their yearning for each other has become deeper and deeper, so that they have strong willpower and faith to do what they like, and have always been old and dead. In this process, they not only gained the meaning of their lives, but also helped many people, Changed their lives to some extent. Let me ask you, what kind of feeling is greater than this kind of feeling?

To tell the truth, when I read the second chapter of this book, I thought it was a scientific and logical reasoning story. I always expected the author to slowly uncover the mystery and tell me why the time passed at different speeds inside and outside the door, and why I could receive a reply immediately after putting the letter into the milk box… Later, I slowly realized that this is not a popular reasoning novel, just like Secret, It itself includes the occurrence of some strange and unexplainable events, and the focus of the author’s narration does not focus on the causes of the events. What is important is the progress after the bizarre event. In the closing paragraph of this book, we can see that the beginning and end of the story are perfectly connected, forming a perfect closed loop. It makes me feel that as long as a link goes wrong during this period, for example, if they don’t pay attention to the first letter, or if they return two letters, they decide to leave, or if they can’t think of how to persuade the musicians to stick to their ideals… The perfect circle is going to become an arc with defects. The seemingly independent stories are closely linked because of some minor details. The two buildings, the grocery store and the orphanage, which are geographically separated from each other, bear the love of Grandpa Langya and Xiaozi for each other across the long river of time, and give so many people warmth to save them.

This magic power has been extended to 33 years after his death, and once again it has played its amazing magic to change the fate of several stray lambs. This is a novel full of warmth. It is the compass of every lost person who holds a map but still doesn’t know where he is. It is also a powerful placebo for those who find that the map is only a blank sheet of paper. Don’t hesitate, don’t hesitate, go on the road boldly, because every road you walk through is actually the only way in your life. You are free. The next time you forget who you are and the meaning of your existence in this world, remember to write a letter and put it into your inner milk box.


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