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You said you love me like the tide of the sea, but I was choked

The story of Lolita can be summarized in one sentence. It is a love tragedy between an uncle and a girl. Personally, I have no objection to this kind of love with a big age difference. After all, love can span ages. In fact, there are many old and young lovers in China. For example, in ancient times, there was an exclamation that “I was born before I was born, and I was born old after I was born”. There was also a poem written by Zhang Xiannian of the Song Dynasty, who married eighteen beauties nearly eighty years ago. Su Shi satirized that “eighteen brides and eighty brides, gray hair and red makeup. The mandarin duck quilt is in pairs of nights, and a pear flower presses the begonia.” And “Lolita” is also known as “a pear flower presses the begonia”.

There is another sentence at the end of the book at the beginning of the first sentence “Lolita, the light of my life, the fire of my desire, my sin, my soul” “I looked at her, looked at her, and looked at her all my life, with all my heart. She was like a flower fairy, but now she is like a dead leaf returning home. She is pale, bloated, vulgar, and pregnant with other people’s children. But I love her more than you can imagine in the world. My feelings for me are as sure as I know I will die. Lolita, she can fade, wither, whatever. But I just need to see her Eyes, all kinds of tenderness, then come to my heart. ” In fact, only three years have passed between these two sentences. However, in these three years, the pear flower cannot cover the delicate beauty of the begonia, and the begonia does not understand the pale pear flower.

At the beginning, I never understood why Lolita wanted to escape from Humbert, why she later married a carpenter, and why Humbert didn’t go with him when he came to find her. Later, according to some netizens’ comments, I found that I had fallen into the trap of the author. The author uses poetic and beautiful language to make me think this love between old and young is very beautiful.

After Lolita’s mother died, Humbert took Lolita and drove his car around the United States. Humbert combined his regret for Anna and his favorite sexy girl image with Lolita to form a girl who was the most in line with his favorite standard in his imagination, so his love for Lolita at this time was not really love her, but love Lolita in his imagination. So after Lolita went to school, she had some sense of autonomy and began to dislike her own way of life. She said: “Any family is better than us.”. Humbert only slapped Lolita when he found that she began not to go as she imagined.

If Humbert can really care about Lolita, let her go to school at the age of 12, and really care about her in life, maybe this book will become a beautiful love story. In the book, Humbert is the first person narrator. He is affectionate and affectionate. Every word is affectionate enough to burn the paper. But if Lolita is the first person narrator in the book, it may become a girl’s blood and tears history.

For Lolita, Humbert’s love is like a yoke. The deeper he loves, the more she wants to escape. She thought it would be good as long as there was no place for Humbert, even if she ran away with a pornographer. After Lolita fled Humbert for a while, she married a carpenter. Three years later Lolita wrote to Humbert. She called Humbert “father” in the letter, which proved that she also wanted to get rid of her previous relationship. When Humbert received her letter, she saw that she wanted to borrow money. She was fed up with sadness and hardship, and took all her savings of $4000 to Lolita’s residence. He and Lolita haven’t seen each other for three years. When we met again, Lolita, a 15-year-old girl, was pregnant, pale and bloated. At this time, Humbert realized the harm he had done to Lolita. It was also at this time that he separated Lolita from his imaginary image. He really liked her. He said in his heart: I only need to look at her, and all kinds of tenderness will surge into my heart.

Humbert said to Lolita, “It’s only 25 steps from here to the car you are familiar with. Walk these 25 steps and stay with me.”

However, Lolita replied, “You mean I will go to the motel with you, and you will give me some money?”

Humbert said, “No, no, I mean you leave here to live with me, die with me, and do anything with me.”

Lolita said, “You are crazy.”

Humbert said, “If you refuse, you can still get the money.”

So Humbert took out all his savings to her, but his eyes were filled with sadness and tears, probably because he found that his loved one had never loved him, and he also realized the harm he had done to Lolita.

Finally, Lolita died of childbirth. Humbert knew that Lolita died and ran to kill the person who abducted Lolita. After killing the man, Humbert drove to the valley. He saw the smoke rising from the valley, heard the laughter of people, and thought of Lolita: I am not sad that Lolita is not beside me, but that she is not in the laughter.

You said that you love me like the tide of the sea, but I was suffocated. I think of a movie, “The Sacrifice of Suspect X”. When the truth was not revealed, didn’t Miss Yasuko Huagang also feel afraid of the love of mathematicians and want to escape?

In life, we all envy that kind of magnificent love. But if there is only one side’s madness and the wrong direction, it will turn from love to sadness, and it will be of no use when you want to save it. Do you want to say that Humbert loves her? Of course love, Humbert really poured all his feelings into it, but why did Lolita want to escape and not accept it at all? One is because love is in the wrong direction. I wanted to eat apples, but you gave me a box of pears. When Lolita was 12 years old, Humbert treated her with money, snacks and other good ways he thought. Lolita wanted a family life like a normal child, not a relationship of incest, so the deeper he loved and the more he did, the more shackles he felt for Lolita. In our life, some boys have done a lot and moved themselves to tears, but their girlfriend doesn’t buy it at all. If you don’t love them very much, you may be in the wrong direction. How to do it in the right direction? Of course, it is to compare heart to heart and observe carefully~not only in love, but also in family and friendship. The second reason is that Humbert regarded Lolita as Anna’s shadow and a sexy girl with his own imagination in the early stage. In love, it is very hurtful to treat one person as the shadow of another person. It is not written in this book because it is not a love story of mutual love. However, if both parties are in love, and suddenly find that they are only a substitute and are obsessed with wrong payment, the blow should be very big.


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