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Read and write like Agatha | Read the Autobiography of Agatha Christie

I didn’t expect Agatha to sell so well. In human history, only the total sales of the Bible and Shakespeare were higher than her.

Her works have been translated into more than 103 languages, with a total sales of more than 2 billion copies.

According to Wikipedia, by 2003, her works had sold 40 million copies in France alone, which was the record holder of French book sales, far better than the 22 million copies of Zola, the second French literary magnate.

Her detective drama “Rat Catcher” has been staged more than 20000 times since November 25, 1952.


I am curious about why she can achieve such high achievements, so when reading her autobiography, I pay special attention to the contents of reading and writing in the book.

I will extract and sort out these contents about reading and writing. I hope to see some secrets of her success.


Every time someone reads me a story I love, I will come to that book to study. At first I couldn’t understand the contents of the book, but gradually I understood them.

Whenever I go out with my nanny, I always pester her to ask what words are written on the shop’s door plate or billboard. As a result, one day, I found that I could easily read a book called “The Angel of Love”.

Before I was five years old, the book showed me the world of stories. Since then, every Christmas and birthday, I want books as gifts.

Interest is the best teacher.

Less than five years old, read and read automatically. This is due to Agatha’s interest in stories.

Genius is a gift from heaven.

Maybe when you were five years old, you also liked stories very much, but you just listened to them while lying in your mother’s arms; Or, if you want to read a book by yourself, take it over, but you can’t understand it.


I swim in summer and roller skate in winter. I have a lot of books to read, and I get endless fun from them.

Too many people read too little to compete for talent.

Simple arithmetic:

The average reading speed of a middle school student is 50000 words an hour, and most books in the bookstore are 200000 to 400000 words.

According to a book of 400000 words, read one hour a day and finish a book in eight days. It is normal to read 45 books in a year.

If you have read the two books “Secret” and “Deliberate Practice”, you can understand about 10000 hours of law.

According to the above settings, 1250 books can be read in 10000 hours. But it will take 27 years.

Many people say they like reading, but 10000 hours, 1250 books, 27 years, none of them.

They will only talk every day.

Seeing that other people read a lot, he stood up and said sourly, “We should read intensively”, “A Dream of Red Mansions is worth reading for a lifetime”, “How can he read so much a year?”.

In fact, intensive reading, which is not based on extensive reading, is playing hooligans.


I will reread the books I really like every few months. After about a year, I will choose a new favorite.

The Prisoner of Zenda opened the door of romantic fantasy for me, and I read it again and again.

I also read all the French books of Jules Verne, and Journey to the Heart of the Earth is my favorite for several months.

On the basis of extensive reading, read your book carefully and thoroughly, and then read the next book intensively.


Myth plays an important role in my life. I read these books over and over again.

The Old Testament is full of wonderful stories. The plot is reasonable and suitable for children’s taste.

During this period, my mother often read Dickens’ works for me, and we both liked his works.

The first time I heard the story of Holmes was what Maggie told me. It was called “The Sapphire Mystery”. Since then, I have always begged her to tell me more stories. “Sapphire Mystery”, “Red Hair Club” and “Five Orange Seeds” are all my favorite songs.

In How to Read a Literary Book, the author tells us the importance of classics. Many works draw nourishment from classics, and the source of metaphor in many stories lies in classics.

Myth, Bible, Dickens, Verne, Holmes… These are the classic journeys of Agatha.

Reading classics not only enables Agatha to more and more deeply understand the connotation of the classics, but also enables her to understand the story skills that have been handed down for a long time in human history.


How interesting it would be if I said that I had been eager to become a writer since I was young, and believed that one day I would realize my long-cherished dream. But to be honest, such extravagant expectations have never flashed in my mind.

Imitation is human nature, while creation is based on imitation.

With talent, interest, extensive reading and intensive reading of classics, Agatha has not realized that she has already possessed the basic conditions to become a writer.


I used to study composition with enthusiasm, but I didn’t achieve much. The teacher’s comments always said that my article was too utopian, and criticized me severely for bias in writing.

I still remember my composition entitled “Autumn”, which was well written at the beginning, describing golden and brown autumn leaves, but suddenly, with a strange twist, I began to write about a pig.

I also write poetry – when I was young, everyone wrote poetry. My early poems were incredibly poor and lacking in talent.

She has made some attempts, but it is not formal, and she has not met her Bole to explore her talent.

Agatha’s Bole is her mother.

One unpleasant winter day, I was just suffering from influenza, but I still stayed in bed. Mother came in to visit me.

“Why don’t you write a novel?” she suggested.

“Writing a novel?” I was a little surprised.

“Yes,” said the mother, “like Maggie.”

“I’m afraid I can’t.”

“Why not?” she asked.

I can’t seem to think of any reason, just

“You don’t know if you can do it. You haven’t tried it yet,” said the mother.


My first work is called The House of Beauty, which is not a masterpiece, but I think it is good on the whole. This is the first work I have written that reveals some potential. Writing skills are naturally immature, and I can see the traces of the books I read in the previous week. With a glimmer of hope, they sent it to several magazines. I didn’t expect to succeed at that time. In fact, I didn’t succeed. All contributions were returned.

In Wang Shuo’s book “I am your father”, my father also wanted to write a book, but he just sat at his desk and dreamed, never really tried to write.

Agatha was lucky to finish her first work with her mother’s encouragement. I think that very few people’s first work has become very popular, and even the first work has the opportunity to be published.

However, you should still start to write. Being trapped in fantasy is always equal to zero. To move forward, you must change zero into one.

Only with one can we move forward.


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