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Madame Bovary – about love? Actually not

It is amazing to see that so many people focus on the topic of marital love life, and are always interested in talking about whether Shire deserves to wear a green hat and whether Emma is cheap. I can finally get a tired advantage from it and look down on these people with complacency. Flaubert is not writing a love novel, or a play by an old and new uncle.

But I am arrogant and admire them with inferiority. When they read this book, they must have never been substituted or tangled. They are real spectators who have never felt the pain of disillusionment of idealism. They are happy and down-to-earth, while I am vain and arrogant. Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary, that’s me” does not mean that he wants to be a woman. When the author lost confidence in mankind pessimistically and worldly, he must have swallowed arsenic in his heart and died thousands of times.

Li Jianwu commented: Stendhal is profound, Balzac is great, but Flaubert is perfect. in truth. I read it last year, but I didn’t finish it. I can’t bear to see that Mrs. Bovary is really dead. While reading, I seem to be tired, searching and excited with her, because those feelings are described so true. I am Madame Bovary. Although the pursuit is not ideal love, it is also a sad ideal illusion that can never be realized, and the description of Flaubert’s peak is even more striking. Unlike Stendhal’s Julien and Balzac’s Anna, it is also about the role of pursuit. Emma of Flaubert gives people a sense of substitution. Perhaps it is because ordinary young female readers like me do not have the chance to go through women’s positions, nor do they have Anna’s prominent family and sophisticated skills. Emma is just a peasant girl from other provinces. Because of her good education and the influence of romantic works, she has unrealistic ideals or desires for the “reality” she has never entered. Today’s civilian origin, well educated Madame Bovary will only be more, regardless of gender. Class, education, idealism used by hypocrites, and romanticism instilled. Perhaps it is like Emma who pursues the love in the illusion – or, like most people today, pursues the achievements, great ideals and prosperity in the illusion. Unfortunately, the world will only give you a slap in the face. Idealism and romanticism cannot stand up to pragmatism. The residue of one place and the lethargy of one room.

After reading it again, I seem to understand why the beginning of the story starts from the boring first half of Mr. Bovary’s life.

1. Because Madame Bovary is not the name of Emma. There is not only one but three Madame Bovary: his mother is the Madame Bovary, who has despaired of her husband and pinned her ideal on the success of her son. His first wife is the Madame Bovary, who has gone old and completely disappeared from the world. His wife is the new Madame Bovary, who will follow the old path even if she lives. It’s perfect.

2. The more detailed the description of Mr. Bovary’s stupidity at the beginning, the more ridiculous everything will become: such a dull and mediocre man can always receive education and become a family and a career because he is a man. Although Emma has more than his talent and vague desire for achievement, because she is a woman, she can only accept the fate of returning to the farm to be married after reading the book, even her father’s inheritance can not inherit. Education has enlightened her mind, but she has no right to accept higher education that can save her mind. She is also unable to create industry and realize her self-worth from work, so even if her husband is obedient to her, the final tragedy is inevitable.

“She hopes to have a son, strong, brown hair, named George. She has done nothing in the past. This idea of having a boy is like making up for it in advance. Men are free at least. He can taste enthusiasm, travel around the world, overcome difficulties, and enjoy the joy of the ends of the world. But a woman is constantly obstructed. She has no vitality, has no independent opinions, is fragile, and is also subject to law everywhere Legal constraints. Her will is like a face net, with a thin rope tied to her hat and floating in the wind. There are always temptations of desire, but there are always restrictions of etiquette.

At about six o’clock on Sunday morning, the sun was rising, and she gave birth. Charlie said, “It’s a girl!”

She turned her head and fainted. ”

What else can I say? There is too much to say. This is an excellent masterpiece. Every plot and passer-by character has so much to admire. Maybe I can get different feelings after walking on the road of “chasing dreams” for several years. Those who read this masterpiece can only find that Mrs. Bovary is an “insatiable slut”, “selfish and disgusting woman”, “mother with no sense of responsibility” and other empirical conclusions (it seems that there are not a few readers). They must be happy and happy people who have never been troubled by idealism. Envy them and wish them that they will never walk into the cage where the Madame Bovary lived.

“Why! Don’t you know that some people are always in distress? They need dreams, actions, the purest enthusiasm and the craziest joy. The world is living a variety of absurd and weird lives in a bustling society.”

Finally, thank Flaubert for writing this perfect work.


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