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“Journey in the White Night”

I didn’t expect that it took me less than three days to finish the white night tour. I thought it would take longer.

When I saw the last sentence of the full text, “She never looked back”, I was deeply saddened for a long time.

When I didn’t see the last chapter, the snow ears in my heart were like poppies. Behind the beauty lies the unknown danger. What’s more, snow spike is more attractive than poppy! According to the novels I saw these two days, my mind has been thinking about what sentence to use to describe Xuesui. Is the evil behind the more beautiful things thicker and more terrible. But when I finished reading the full text, I was speechless for a moment. I don’t want to use this description to describe Snow Spike.

However, I love Liangsi even more. He has been guarding a person silently for more than 20 years. He has done everything he can for her. He has been living in the dark and has never seen light. This kind of love, beyond all, he may just hope that the other party has a happy life from the beginning. Therefore, he handles and completes all the dark and dirty things by himself. Until finally, he saved her with his own life.

They have been hurt, but why should we plant the hurt seeds in our hearts, and then take root and sprout, even blossom and bear fruit with time. Some things are as addictive as taking dp, and she will never allow herself to be hurt again. The most effective way is to take the soul as they say.

There is a bud that should be picked at that time. Because it is not picked, the bud grows and thrives day by day. When it grows up, it also blooms, and it is a bad flower.

Many people in the article have become extremely unfortunate because of Xuesui, which may also be a way for Liangsi to express love. Although I love Liangsi, I can’t agree.

I don’t want to use the last reason of the article to wash snow spike, because she has no heart. Although we may suffer from the injustice of fate, or we may have experienced extremely painful injuries, that is not the reason why we can harm others wantonly. Our kindness, strength and tenacity are not exactly because we can spend the dark life moment, and then have the black vitality to be reflected! Can we still have tenacious faith, the courage to break the cocoon into a butterfly, and the heart to keep good and beautiful after experiencing the pain! Isn’t this the meaning of our real life!

“In a day, there are times when the sun rises and also times when it sinks. Life is the same, there are days and nights, but there are no regular sunrise and sunset like the real sun. Personally, some people live under the sun’s light all their lives, and some people have to live in the dark night all the time. What people are afraid of is that the sun that has always existed will not rise after sunset, that is, they are very afraid of the original light on them The light of the disappeared.

There is no sun in my sky. It is always dark, but it is not dark, because something has replaced the sun. Although not as bright as the sun, it is enough for me. With this light, I can regard night as day. ”

In Xuesui’s heart, Liangsi may be the shining sun. Unfortunately, even the only light in her life has been lost


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