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One Hundred Years of Solitude: Don’t read it if you can’t read it

“Many years later, when faced with this book review, the author will definitely remember the remote late night when he finished reading” One Hundred Years of Solitude “at one time.”

A poor imitation demonstration.

A book that most people know its name, a classic first sentence that most people are familiar with. But after reading the first sentence of this classic, there are many people who can’t read it anymore. “One Hundred Years of Solitude” has become an ornament of youth on many literary and artistic youth bookcases.

Because this book is too messy to read at first

First, in seven generations, men share two names to play permutations and combinations, namely: Jose Arcatio Buendia, Jose Arcatio, Aureliano Buendia, Arcatio, Aureliano Jose, 17 Aureliano, Jose Arcatio second, Aureliano second

Secondly, only the poem at the end of Liu Cixin’s “Three Bodies” can describe the concept of time in “One Hundred Years of Solitude”: I held a gift for her, which was a small piece of frozen time, with beautiful patterns on it, and felt as soft as mud in the shallow sea. The timeline is a plaything. It is crushed by Marquez, and the future and the past are capricious.

Third, the magic of the sky is coming at any time. The beautiful beauty, Ramedith, rose to heaven because of the “cannibalism fireworks”, a rain that lasted four years, 11 months and two days, Jos é Arcadio’s blood flowing back to his hometown after being shot and reported to the old mother, and the child born by a close relative would have a pig tail.

What’s more, Marquez’s tough and effortless narrative style. A tyrant who dares to tell the reader the fate of the protagonist in the first sentence of the opening is strong enough and confident enough. This is a conspiracy. I will tell you the end, but also move you. It can be called the hegemonic president of the fiction world.

Don’t be afraid when you meet the overbearing president. The routine of TV shows us that we can only win him by fighting up.

First of all, people’s names are not terrible at all. People with the same name will not appear in the same narrative paragraph, and the characters will also have a clear description of the relationship. If it is really not possible, it is not a problem to prepare a map of the relationship between people and make a slight comparison in case of ambiguity.

Talk about the theme of loneliness.

In Chapter 11, the old grandmother Ursula said a sentence:

All Aureliano’s characters are withdrawn, but their minds are sharp and insightful. All Jose Arcadio’s characters are impulsive and enterprising, but they are doomed to be tragic.

This summary basically clarifies the personality characteristics of the men in the Boundia family, except for the two “second” who change their names. It also explains why the author repeated these two names in seven generations: the times are changing, but the fate caused by character is repeatedly confirmed in every Aureliano and Arcadio. The similarity of this character is loneliness.

The reason why the Bourndia family is lonely is that they do not understand love and humanity. The opposite of loneliness is unity.

This is what the author Marquez said in the interview.

Jose Arcatio Boundia is lonely. He has full physical desire, but he has been frustrated by Ursula’s incomprehensible style, and even killed people; He had a wise scientific thinking, but he stopped at the ignorance of Macondo and became mad. Ursula is also lonely. She has become the helmsman of the family’s giant ship with her shrewdness and competence, but she can only watch generations of men continue to toss and turn and finally sink.

Colonel Aureliano Boundia is lonely. He launched a war for freedom, only to find that he had become a chess piece of liberal high-ranking officials seeking fame and fortune, and was instead regarded as a maniac who launched a war for selfish ends.

Later generations of Aureliano either recognized the abyss of reality in the rising rebellion, or studied the parchment scroll in the alchemical laboratory and died alone; Later generations of Arcatio either indulged in the mistress’s home and finally ran out of oil, or became a tyrant who willfully died.

A family spanning seven generations and lasting for a hundred years can only be summed up in a few words. It is not so much fate as the atmosphere of inhumanity, lack of love and lack of unity that pervades the whole family, leading to tragedy from beginning to end.

Many stories in these reincarnations will make us feel familiar: there will always be some strange wars between liberals and conservatives, but at the end of the war, no one knows why; There are always people in the revolution, but at the end of the revolution, they don’t know what the revolution is.

This is true of magic and reality. After reading it, I feel unreal and lonely at the same time. I have a hundred years of life, which is very boring. Cao Xueqin said: “If you pretend to be true, it’s true and false. Sometimes there is no inaction.”.

Maybe we don’t need to read it too much. It’s also good to read it as a strange foreign story.

If you still can’t read, it may be better not to read.

Where is the world not Macondo.


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