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Madame Curie: The Platonic Love between Mary and Pierre

Madame Curie: The Platonic Love between Mary and Pierre

“Mary can’t marry others, only with this great physicist, only with this intelligent and noble man. Pierre can’t marry other women, only with this beautiful and gentle Polish woman.” Mary and Pierre are a perfect match, and their love perfectly meets the requirements of both parties.

Mary, 26, only wanted to learn. Pierre, 35, never loved any girl. She believed that poor women could not get the loyalty and love of men. He said that talented women were very rare. The two met through a physics professor. They were attracted by each other’s knowledge and opinions when they met for the first time, and were immersed in the discussion of physics experiments together. They respect each other, worship each other, and their growing sense of intimacy and trust makes their love warm up. When Mary was ready to return to her hometown, Pierre said to her, “Promise me that you will come back! It is impossible for you to continue your research in Poland. You have no right to abandon science now.” Have you no right to abandon science? No, maybe what Pierre wants to say is: “You have no right to abandon me”!

The spiritual exchange between the two is so pure and holy. When discussing physical research, Pierre knew that Mary would definitely put forward insightful ideas, and Mary also knew that Pierre could fully understand her. In the eight years of studying the radioactive material “radium”, the two are both husband and wife and partners. Their efforts cannot be separated, nor can they be separated, just like their love. In such rigorous scientific papers published jointly, there are words “we found” and “we observed” everywhere, from which we can also see that this Platonic love is shining.

If it is only the intellectual balance, then their love is not so moving. They follow the same philosophy, moral principles and scientific beliefs. When Pierre applied for a professor at the University of Paris, his friends urged him to visit all academicians. He considered for a long time, and finally reluctantly agreed, but he still felt that such behavior was stupid and humiliating. During the visit, he actually began to praise his opponent. Of course, Pierre lost the election at last, and he didn’t think it had any impact on him. Mary is not willing to fall behind. During the war, Mary built a radiation examination room at her own expense to find the location of bullets for the wounded soldiers. A weak woman did not fear the attack of gunfire during the war and served the country for free. After their great success in the research of “radium”, the couple could have obtained a lot of wealth, but they voluntarily gave up the patent of “radium”. In the view of the two scientists, “this is against the spirit of science!”.

Unfortunately, when Pierre was forty-seven years old, he died in a car accident, and only one person remained in love. Mary once asked Pierre, “If one of us dies and the other can’t live, neither of us can live without each other, can we?” Pierre answered Mary firmly, “You are wrong. No matter what happens, even if people become soulless bodies, they must continue to work.”. This sentence made Marie Curie continue to live and devote herself to science. She won numerous honors in the second half of her life, but there was no one who knew her best.

The spirit exchange of a close match is to maintain the continuous vitality of a love relationship. If it is only the attraction of the skin bag, then when the beauty is withered, the attraction of both parties will decline rapidly. When the passion fades, the core three values and moral character begin to play a role, and the real test of love begins. Talking is actually a shallow endorsement of spiritual communication. When the spirit of both sides perfectly matches, there will be a feeling of soul mate. The spark of spirit is more exciting than love at first sight. Although face value determines whether the two sides are willing to continue to communicate, the core three-view personality determines how far this relationship can go. So if you want to get a beautiful and eternal love, you have to have it both externally and internally. Both hands must be grasped and both hands must be hard!


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