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The Little Prince

The origin of “The Little Prince” can be traced back to my school days. At that time, I met a girl who liked “The Little Prince”, that is, my present wife. Under her influence, I gradually tasted and read the sincere emotion in “The Little Prince”. Now, the years have gone by in a hurry. When the picture book with the same name adapted from “Little Prince” is opened again, the long-extinguished innocent heart is rekindled to commemorate a young prince who will never grow old and a young heart who will never grow old.

This picture book of Little Prince, which was painted by the famous British illustrator Sarah Masini and translated by the famous domestic translator Ma Ainong, has restored the original work very well. The picture book uses Chinese-English contrast to tell the story of the little prince. The overall picture style is warm with a hint of melancholy and bright colors. It is especially suitable for children at the enlightenment stage to read.

The Little Prince was published in 1942. Why is a children’s book still so popular after many years? This stems from its rich connotation. When adults watch Little Prince, they can see the true meaning of love, understand the details of life, and understand the horror of desire; When children watch Little Prince, they can see the complexity of the adult world from the perspective of children. Among those who have watched Little Prince, adults want to return to the innocent childhood, while children want to grow up quickly and take risks in the adult world, which is why Little Prince has a high popularity.

As a French ace pilot, Antoine de Saint-Exupery had a pure heart of peace. His life was like a little prince, brilliant and mysterious, and finally disappeared into the blue sky. The pilot who landed in the depths of the Sahara Desert met a little prince who only wanted sheep. During the eight-day relationship, he told a life story.

The little prince comes from a planet a little bigger than him. He has three volcanoes and a chair. The little prince can watch many sunsets in a day, because he only needs to move the chair.

The little prince’s daily work on his planet is to clean the baobab tree, so he hopes to get a sheep that can eat the bush, but he is afraid that the sheep will eat his favorite rose. Speaking of the rose, the little prince loved and hurt her, so he left his own planet to visit other people’s planet.

He came to the planet where there was only a king, the planet where he was obsessed with the number of star merchants, the planet where he kept lighting and turning off the lights, and finally came to the earth. On the earth, the little prince saw five thousand identical roses, but he cried because he knew that his roses were not the only one.

The little prince met the fox, so the fox became the little prince’s fox, and the little prince became the boy of the fox, until one day, the little prince blurted out “my rose”, so he and the fox understood that it was time for the little prince to go home.

The pilot repaired the plane and left the desert. At the same time, he took away the legend of the little prince. When you saw the stars twinkling in the sky, maybe it was the little prince’s laughter. When you saw a fox and a rose in the desert, maybe it was the sign of the little prince’s return.

The world of the little prince is pure. In his eyes, the world is simple and simple. In the picture book “The Little Prince”, this part of pure emotion is retained and the obscure metaphor is abandoned. The little prince said goodbye to the pilot as if to say goodbye, and Antoine de San Exuperi also flew to the B612 asteroid to find the little prince in real life.


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