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Why Gatsby is great

1. Book introduction

Jay Gates, the hero, is a poor farmer’s son in North Dakota. He dreamed of becoming a prominent figure since childhood. After a lot of efforts, he finally rose and changed his name to Jay Gatsby. When he was a lieutenant in a military training camp, he fell in love with Daisy Fay, a famous girl in the south. However, when he returned from overseas after the war with the Military Meritorious Medal, Daisy had married Tom Buchanan, a strong, extremely rich and rude dandy from Chicago. Then Gatsby worked hard to become a millionaire from a poor officer. He bought a luxury villa in the west end of Long Island, facing the Buchan farmer’s wife who lived in the east end across the bay. His house is brightly lit every night, and crowds of guests drink and indulge. His only wish was to see his lover Daisy, who had been separated for five years. When they met again, Gatsby thought that time could turn back and revisit the old dream. However, it was not long before Daisy and Gatsby’s old love resumed. Daisy ran over her husband’s mistress and Gatsby took the charge for her. At the same time, Tom planted Gatsby and told her husband that Gatsby was the mistress behind her. Gatsby’s mistress’s husband was finally shot and killed. In addition to the recorder of this book, Mr. “Owl” and Gatsby’s father, others, including Daisy and those former guests, did not come to the funeral.

2. Why Gatsby is great

1. Gatsby is remarkable in his career

1) Gatsby’s ideals and ambitions can be said to have been shown since he was a child. Gatsby was born in a poor farm in North Dakota, the United States. His parents gave him a name – James Gate. His father worked in the field all day, but the family still can barely make ends meet. When he grew up, he began to know that people could live without farming, and live much better than those who farm. So he began to yearn for a decent life. At the same time, I looked down on my father who was dirty all day, and thought that he ate like a pig, so my father beat him up. But at the same time, my father also told us that something here refers to a list of Gatsby, which lists how great it is to get up and practice speaking. A person has such a plan for his future life, etiquette and upbringing since childhood, and can put it into action!

2) Gatsby is dynamic and resilient. From his youth growth period, we can see that Gatsby, who has grown up, decided to go to the world outside the town and set foot on the distant train with dreams. He traveled a lot of places, desperately learning craft, doing menial work while disdaining his work and reviewing his dreams. He regarded himself as the son of God and changed his name to Jay Gatsby. Later, one day he saved a ship near the shore. The captain was a millionaire. He found that Gatsby was smart and ambitious, so he took him with him. Gatsby worked from the attendant on the ship to the captain. Gatsby made great efforts in his youth and bravely seized his own opportunities.

3) Gatsby’s tenacity can be seen from his first setback that the story has become better: the captain is rude, but he has a good heart, leaving Gatsby a legacy of 25000 dollars. But the turning point came very suddenly, and all the money was taken by the captain’s woman. Perhaps this is a kind of “see him rise high, see him collapse high, but Nanke dream”. Gatsby’s dream was watered up by his own sweat. It should be said that he is collapsed at this time. Maybe he can go home and farm now, but the great Gatsby immediately regained his mood and went to the army. Of course, I met Daisy later, went to “Niujin” and made a large amount of money in illegal ways.

2. Gatsby is great for a truly beating heart

1) America and the American Dream at that time

At that time, the United States could be said to be pursuing the same thing: the so-called “American Dream” of the American Dream means that people can get a better life as long as they work hard and unremittingly, that is, people must move towards prosperity through their own diligence, courage, creativity and determination, rather than relying on the assistance of specific social classes and others. This has inspired generations of Americans to work hard and countless young people with dreams from all over the world have come to this land to create their own value through thousands of hardships. In the 1920s, the “American Dream” began to become a synonym for decadence and decadence. The original values of hard work, frugality and abstinence have gradually faded, and these have been replaced by hedonism and extravagance, just like the luxurious parties in this book, and the exquisite mansions.

2) Other “heartless” people said that Gatsby’s greatness must be set off by the people around him. Except for the recorder and Gatsby in this book, almost every character who came out was intoxicated, intoxicated in the foam and luxurious life. Naturally, in order to maintain this kind of life, people always have to pay something.


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