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Oliver Twist – I have no choice in the world, and the world has no choice in me

Everything you want to control actually controls you. May the years temper your plump soul and thin desire.

Countless times, I have warned myself that no matter how much I like anything, I should learn to restrain myself and not be crazy. All things, once taken too seriously, will become the shackles of life, and people will be lost unconsciously. I don’t want to be bound by anything, and I don’t want to be lost because of any desire. Whether it’s money, fame, or even knowledge or emotion, we just try our best and have a clear conscience. Everything else is subject to fate.

Those who are eager to become famous and successful will be hit hard once they are frustrated. It is really silly to think that life is hopeless. Only yourself is the most precious thing in your life, and only your heart is the most worthy of protection. You should not look at anything more than yourself, and love nothing more than your heart. As long as you are alive, as long as you are healthy, and as long as you are full of love in your heart, there is a possibility of life turning over.

Just after reading Dickens’s “Oliver Twist”, I thought Oliver was very poor, but at last I felt that Dickens was not mean to him. At least, Oliver has a good heart that will never despair, which is the luckiest thing in life. As Ruth said, “That child has a noble nature and a warm heart. God intended to let him suffer more than his age, and also planted love and feelings in his heart.” Oliver’s nature is not dark, but warm love! Although he suffered a lot, he never understood resentment and despair. It was because of this nature that he met Mr. Brownlow, met Ruth, and finally turned his fate upside down.

Remembering the scene in Riman’s “Xiamu Friend’s Account”, Xiamu’s friend asked him, “Xiamu, you experienced so many misfortunes when you were young, why didn’t you become bad?”? Xiamu laughed and said that no one wanted to adopt himself because he was afraid of going bad. Yes, if it goes bad, it may not be possible to be loved.

They are all the strongest and kindest people. They did not abandon the world because they were treated cruelly by the world. They still bear all the pain of the world with hope and love, and hope that one day they can go from hell to the world.

People should have the power to pull themselves out of the mud by holding their hair, rather than letting themselves sink deeper and deeper in the mud. In this world, everyone has his own standard to judge a person’s good or bad, but I think the most important thing is to see whether he has love. A person’s good or bad has little to do with his status, knowledge, occupation, personality, and the most important thing is whether he still loves the world.

Mr. Brownlow said, “If I had to choose between the heathen and the hypocrite, I would rather choose the former.” Like Bumble and Mrs. Mann, although they did not burn, kill and loot, they are also unforgivable, because they have no compassion and never know how to respect life. They have only desire but no love for the world. Such people are hypocrites even if they live in heaven, and there is no remedy. Although people like Nancy live in hell and have done all kinds of evil deeds, her heart is kind and she lacks the love and help of good people.

When Harry proposed to Ruth, he said: In this world, honest people can’t hold their heads up. It’s often not because they have really done something shameful. I think it’s because they can’t shake hands and make peace with the world, but they are too concerned about the world’s attitude towards themselves. I like a sentence I have read before. It is said that it is Chen Daoming’s philosophy of survival: I have no choice in the world, and the world has no choice in me. That’s it. With love and hope, you can survive in this world in the way you think is right, regardless of what others say and how the world evolves.

As long as you have a clear conscience, you should lift your head!

Finally, Harry’s feelings for Ruth are really moving: now, what I want to dedicate to you is not a prominent reputation among all living beings, nor is it the same with the world full of hatred and slander. I give you a heart and a home. I want to fill in all the gaps between you and me. I am determined to turn your world into mine if my world cannot become yours, and I will never let you be ridiculed and discriminated against by the concept of family, because I will abandon it. Those who are far away from me are also those who are far away from you. The powerful and benefactors who greeted me with a smile at the beginning, and the powerful and high-ranking relatives now look at me coldly. However, with you, I will be proud of this family, and look a thousand times more proud than what I have abandoned. This is my current identity and status. I will give it to you!

In this life, if you get this person, death is enough!


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