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A round sea

I have a secret, an unknown secret, which my grandpa told me. I guess you also want to know, so I will tell you secretly; It’s just that this story is long enough for you to remember in your life

It was a thunderstorm night. My grandfather Carl and his father lived in a small duplex attic. At that time, the attic was a little valuable. After all, Carl’s family was an intellectual, and the attic was nothing; His mother accidentally fell from the storage room in the attic when Carl was six years old, so that the storage room was never opened and sealed for less than half a year.

That day, Carl was asked by his father to mow the grass for his grandmother across the street. Grandma has never contacted the Carl family since her mother had an accident.

Knowing that it was an excuse, the two fathers and sons also understood that grandma was old and that the one who should come could not escape.

Carl was absent-minded all the way. Maybe he had gone through the pain of losing his mother, but his grandmother had taken care of him before, saying that it was impossible without feelings. Carl kept silent since he got on the bus. His father seemed to see Carl’s mood. “Carl went to Grandma’s house this time to hope you can control your mood. Don’t let Grandma feel sorry.”

Carl knew that this was farewell and never had a chance to meet again.

Carl looked at his father who was driving in a shabby green car. His deep blue eyes were dim again, and he replied naturally. He looked like a big boy who had gone through vicissitudes of life. “I will miss Grandma.” He turned his head and looked out of the window.

To go to Grandma’s house, they must pass through a round sea. They are surrounded by a winding road, which continues to the deepest point. Carl looks at the sea surprisingly quiet.

He and his mother have been to the sea.

The green car stopped in front of a large gray and white house, and the housekeeper and aunt who took care of her grandmother came to greet her. This is the only place where the house looks alive; Oh, and the roses and roses that their family planted in Grandma’s backyard a long time ago.

The flower sea formed by that cluster is like that sea, and each cluster is surrounded and tightly embraced.

The housekeeper told her father and grandmother that she left the arranged room and left. Maybe she thought that this family should have a lot to say.

The quiet big house left his father and Carl and his sick grandmother in bed. After a while, my father contacted his acquaintances to prepare for future affairs, leaving Carl and Grandma. At that time, Karl was not yet an adult and his grandmother had no unnecessary topics. He looked at her oxygen bottle directly without purpose.

“How are you, Carl?” Grandma said in a weak voice.

“Grandma, I’m fine, and my father is also working hard, so you don’t have to worry.” Carl moved his chair closer to Grandma, but there was still some distance from her.

“Of course I know, Carl is always the most sensible. I will tell your mother about your funny things. Your father was the same as you.” Grandma waved and seemed to let Carl get closer, because her voice seemed to be getting smaller and smaller.

Carl moved the chair to the head of the bed this time, and took up Grandma’s hand full of calluses, with traces of time.

“Your father was in a car accident when he was five years old, which is only a few years away from you now. His father died in a car accident to protect him, but I happened not to be with them. God bless him to survive.”

Carl was surprised that these fathers had not spoken to him.

“Later, he had some contradictions with me. You know, boys would not say something to their mother.” Grandma turned her head to the ceiling and slowly recalled. “When you met your mother, your father seemed to have changed a person, felt guilty for me, and thought of me everywhere. Since your mother died a few years after you were born, it made him think that he was unable to protect your mother for a long time as he was unable to protect his father.” Karl found tears in his grandmother’s eyes, which were almost closed.

“I took your father to the sea in order to get rid of his guilt. You know it; it was the one you passed when you came.” How could Karl not know that it was a wide and clean sea.

“I told him a lot of truth, and he also knew that he should raise you up. Grandma also hired a housekeeper in order not to burden him so much. All kinds of words made your father take care of you at ease.”

It turns out that people can really abandon everything because of their family and be willing to pay for another person they love deeply. But these Karl also knew that his father’s deliberate efforts were all for him to have a perfect childhood, and his dark and profound eyes had a rare light.

The good times are not long. Grandma is in the morning a few days later when the first ray of sunshine shines into her eyes; I am leaving. Carl lost his close relatives again, but his tears never fell. Looking at his father’s pain, he seemed to know something, and the light in his blue eyes flashed again.

“Grandma used to like flowers and plants in the backyard”

Carl looked out of the window, and his grandmother’s room could see the backyard.

Fearing that Carl would be hit again, the father took care of the housekeeper aunt and handed the rest to the priest nearby in a sad mood; Grandma was loved by the neighbors in the neighborhood before her death, and in her last wishes, she also wanted to leave in peace and quiet.

Father opened the old green car again. He should have changed it, but he didn’t. They came to the round sea. Without words, the two father and son looked at the sea like two lonely backs.

Half a month later, the grandmother’s story became clear. Carl and his father also left the sad place.

After several twists and turns, Carl opened the storeroom without his father’s knowledge, which was full of the remains of his mother; Carl turned over and found a book that his mother often wrote. Every page was about his father. Over time, every page was about Carl. The day before the accident, his mother wrote in her notes, “I hope Carl can live as he wanted. Grandma told him that his family always supports him.”

Yes, Grandma’s backyard is planted by him and his mother, and it is full of flowers; How could Grandma not love him; After the death of his mother, his father brought him up and didn’t cherish him… The light in his blue eyes was dazzling.

“Father, I want to go to the sea, which you and my mother have taken me to, and which my grandmother also knows, I want to see.” Carl appeared in front of his father with his mother’s notebook.

The father was stunned and looked at the notebook in Carl’s arms. He knew that he was taking everything with him to drive there. After all, it was the memory of the only family member who had ever appeared. The person in front of him was his own son.

In the face of the sea, Carl finally cried bitterly, mixed all the disgust when the accident came, and cried hard; The father still did not speak and hugged Carl; The mottled cheeks are also a little dazzling.

The sea is still wide and clean, and quiet as if it were not disturbed by external things.

Things that are closely linked with relatives in the world are invisible, like the round sea, holding us together, and like Grandma’s backyard, brilliant and gorgeous; Carl eventually became a father, and there was no accident in his life; I don’t know whether it is my grandmother or my mother’s blessing, and I have lived a life of peace.

At last, the round sea became the holy land of Carl’s family. Grandma’s backyard also became the symbol of planting flowers and plants for generations. Each generation will have their own flowers and plants in this situation.

If you ask me why I know, I can only tell you that my name is Tina Alisa Carl, who is Carl’s granddaughter; This is my family’s secret. Maybe you want to see the round sea, as if it has some magic; But the sea is still the sea, and we are still us.

This eventually became our secret, belonging to the Carl family.


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