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The pain of love may be more terrible than cholera

“Love during the Cholera” is the first novel published after Garcia Marquez won the Nobel Prize for Literature. It tells a love epic spanning more than half a century and exhausts all the possibilities of love: loyal, secret, rude, shy, platonic, dissolute, fleeting, life-and-death… It reappears the relentless passage of time, Known as “the greatest love novel in human history”, it is one of the most important classic literary masterpieces in the 20th century—— Baidu Encyclopedia

The real heroes and heroines of the story: Florentino Arisa and Fermina, who are rich and proud, and whose father hopes that she can marry into a famous family; One is a thin and timid bastard. Two people with a large gap in status and personality, in their most vigorous age, illegitimate son Florentino accidentally saw his goddess, Fermina, while sending express for Fermina’s father. “Just because he saw more in the crowd”, thus, a secret love and waiting that had spanned 50 years began.

“Waiting is also a long confession”

At the age of 20, I can’t understand the so-called love waiting for life. The correspondence between young men and women is the way I have always dreamed of. One of the things reflected in the novel is that the way of communication between men and women, whether in their youth or in their twilight years, is just letters. Letters have become a lifelong bond in their youth and the best way to express their feelings in their old age. The establishment of love between the two sides is just the accidental glance of the man’s second – “this woman may be the goddess of corolla in my heart”. The charm of love is that this belief supports the man, and at any time, at any place, between any body, there is only one person whose heart is directed. I don’t know where the magic of this kind of love lies. I was only deeply touched by this supreme and pure love. In a rapidly developing society, will this kind of love really exist and persist? I don’t know, nor can I easily deny that this is just the artistic technique of the novel. I think the power of love may still be huge. It has great power, but for me, it is only the first experience.

This kind of “company” is not pure love, which I can understand as a reader. The mistress married into a famous family, had her own family and friends, and became a woman that made the man even more inaccessible. The man’s love for her is almost crazy. He is so crazy that he can’t work when he thinks of her. But the mistress doesn’t know. In a sense, the mistress doesn’t love the man so much. She may love her family or herself more. The man did not marry in his life, and he endured the pain of missing the woman as cholera. In order to alleviate this physical and mental pain, he wandered around the fireworks and willow alleys, tangled with women of various roles, occupations and identities. Sometimes I also hate it. When a 14-year-old girl dies for a man, I think that the gap between 60 years old and 60 years old may not be a gap for the little girl. When two equally poor souls tremble, the urgency of this kind of love will become stronger in the little girl’s heart. However, no matter how many women the male master has provoked, the female master is the only one in his heart. For more than 50 years, she is the only one. I can’t say how supreme this kind of love is, but at least it is very realistic. When the person you love most chooses to live safely, can you really wait for more than 50 years for them without regret? In this vast waiting, would you rather be alone? The novel is not pure love, but it is still realistic and vivid. Waiting is also a long love confession, let alone a lifetime of waiting.

Maybe it has the right to define itself

The main line of the story is clear and clear: the man, for the sake of the woman, did not marry in his life, and waited for more than 50 years until the woman’s husband died. He happily proposed to the woman, and again through the correspondence in his youth, the woman understood her mind, and succeeded in holding the beauty home in her old age. Unlike the famous foreign novels I have always seen, this successful and complete love story is a little bleak. Because this waiting is not three or five years, but a lifetime.

When I finally waited for the fruit, which always made me feel unequal and balanced, but when I think about it carefully, it was not a better thing. As my title says, it has the right to define itself. It is also my right to choose to love and be loved in my old age.

In my mind, maybe love is more like the story of two young people or people who are not so old. It can be the two adolescent children in “Heart Beating” grow up slowly, mature to choose to be loved; It can also be seen from the misunderstanding of men and women in Pride and Prejudice to the final confirmation of love; Even in Gone with the Wind, we still feel that Scarlett and Rhett’s love is also an artificial ups and downs… But when it involves two dying old people, the woman does not seem to love the man so deeply, and the man does not keep the virginity for the woman, or even the chaos of his private life, but we still regard it as “the greatest love novel in human history”, because, If love can put aside these external things and look at the real love itself at the moment, love is no longer related to other things. Besides, the pursuit of love is achieved by both parties through their life. So, maybe the love in “Mistakes in the Star” is sad and sad, but it always makes people sad, because it is only a tragedy in the end; Maybe “Tokyo Love Story” is a typical youth love model, but everyone always feels sorry for Lixiang. Compared with these love tragedies and youth love stories, I think that love about old age also needs to arouse your understanding and relief. In essence, it is nothing but love.


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