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Book Review of “Education of Love”

Since I have children, I will often read some books about children’s education. I hope you can get some enlightenment on children’s education from them. Among the books I have read, the most impressive one is the famous children’s book “Education of Love” written by the Italian writer Amici in 1886 and circulated around the world. This book is more than just a children’s book. Anyone who reads it will gain something. Personality can let people get spiritual infiltration.

It records one wonderful story after another in the school year of an Italian schoolboy, Allico, in the form of a diary. The story is full of the flavor of sunshine, conveying love and expectation, like a beautiful garden full of flowers, wandering in it. The full text consists of 100 articles, each of which expresses the theme of “love” incisively and vividly, with sincere feelings for the motherland, parents, teachers and friends between the lines. The article is composed of three parts: the first part is the life record of the little hero, which records the study and life of the whole school year from the first day of school to the end of the semester; The second part is that there are nine monthly stories told by teachers, each of which is rich in educational benefits; The third part is a letter from Enrico’s mother, father and sister to Enrico. The book records some ordinary characters: the little stone mason, the charcoal seller, the father’s teacher, my teacher, the blacksmith’s son, the blind child, and so on. With the most simple image, the most simple language, and the most authentic story, it tells the noble sentiment of ordinary people, praises the innocent emotion of children, and shows us the true meaning of love through a piece of ordinary and meticulous things – innocence, kindness, and sincerity.

The author shapes everyone with love, and perfectly interprets the profound connotation of each story with love. Because our world cannot lack love, which guides us to continue to be brave forever

A heart that is enterprising and kind and sincere. Reading this book can make people grow up in the arms of love. Reading this book can help us establish noble qualities, learn to care for others, and maintain a brave, kind and sincere heart forever, and sympathize with all the misfortunes and sufferings of others. Love, like a shadow, is around us every day, but it is often ignored by us for various reasons. However, it has become an indispensable part of our lives, and its benefits have been integrated into our lives. The “education of love” enlightens us that we should love everyone around us: teachers, parents, classmates, neighbors… including all those unfortunate people who do not know each other but yearn for warmth. Let love stay in everyone’s heart forever!


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