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Count of Monte Cristo — waiting and hope

If you can only bring one book when you are stranded on a desert island, what is your choice?

I will not hesitate to choose Count of Monte Cristo!

It was an accident in high school that I first met Tang Si. One day, I found an ultra-thick book in my classmate’s seat. At that time, even now, I have always been fascinated by that kind of thick book. I always like to read it in bed or sit in the study room. After reading only a few paragraphs at that time, he was deeply attracted and rushed to the bookstore to buy a set. Because I bought this set of books with relatively small characters, and after reading it, my eyes were blurred, but my heart was full of lingering and hearty feelings. I even told it to my sister vividly for a time, which led her to like this book very much today.

I remember that the introduction of the book said that Chinese readers like this book to a large extent because the stories in the book cater to our kind of happy love and hatred of martial arts complex. I like martial arts, the Chinese style of Jianghu, and the French style of story, a story about revenge.

The young and promising Tang Si was jointly framed by four people for four different reasons and spent more than ten years in a dark cell. A wise priest helped him analyze the situation, and a fire of revenge also began to burn in his heart

When I first read it, some subtle scenes made me unforgettable for a long time. I was moved to tears by the joy of the pharaoh’s return from sailing. His boss finally settled the debt, and Tang Si also ended his gratitude and started the real revenge road. And when Maximilian and his sister’s family invited Tang Si as a guest, I couldn’t forget the long-lost family atmosphere and their love for Tang Si.

After a series of perfect revenge plans were completed step by step, Tang Si, who sailed away with Heidi, left behind: waiting and hope. When I read it again, I separated from the pure plot and began to realize the meaning of these words slowly.

In “Shawshank Redemption”, Andy finally escaped from prison with patience. But for him, there are music that can be played occasionally in prison life, as well as his familiar numbers and occupations, as well as friends’ conversations. What does Tang Si, the poor Tang Si, have? Darkness, endless darkness, let him have a pair of eyes that can see everything in the darkness after several years. Loneliness, a person who swims freely in the sea and is used to drifting is locked in an island in the sea, which is a great irony! Fortunately, he met the priest, a wise old man, and he began to have hope, a desire to talk. Then the seeds of revenge sprouted, and everything in his life was only for the hope of revenge. For this hope, he entered a long wait. What kind of tenacity and patience can do it!

Waiting is always a long journey. The waiting person will always feel that time passes too slowly and slowly depletes his enthusiasm, thus missing a piece of scenery, a piece of fate and a lover. If the priest appeared later in the Tang Dynasty, would he die in a hunger strike? Because at that time, he had no hope, no hope to see his father, no hope to see his wife, no hope to see a day of bitter grievances. Only the waiting with hope would make him long.

However, when the hope is too slim, we are too fragile and gave up waiting early, so we are still in the prison of the soul and can’t escape, but now we are so humble and live, let the hope float in the air.

Perseverance, patience, perseverance, calm and calm, all of these are the qualities of Tang Si in waiting, and I also believe that these are the qualities that ordinary people lack. We just gave up hope and hugged Mr. Ah Q gently, and said, this is life! Embark on a new journey.

I still hope to live in waiting, waiting to continue to dig the treasure of Monte Cristo. It may not be the gold and silver jewelry that makes me rich, but it is the spiritual call that can make me feel relieved. Tang Dynasty, time goes forward, and you have not let it drown!


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