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Death Poetry Society

Looking back on my whole student life, I really haven’t met a teacher like Keating. The teachers in junior high school often said to us: When you enter senior high school smoothly, everything will be fine. Teachers in high school often said to us, “It will be great if you get through high school and go to college.”. Until I went to college and studied as a graduate student, everything was “good”. When I first saw the film “Dead Poets Society” in the British and American film and television appreciation class in my freshman year, my feeling at that time was that there were children who grew up under the exam-oriented education in the United States. So everyone came here in this way.

But I never think that children who are educated in this way will lose the ability to pursue poetic life. In the whole story, Todd is my favorite. From the initial timidity and nervousness to the later bravery and fortitude, it seems that suddenly he has grown up and become a powerful person. How hard is it to surpass your original self? He can overcome himself, inspired and infected by teacher Keating, and his own efforts and perseverance. Even if he did not meet Mr. Keating, there would be another person or another thing to sublimate his heart.

There are many people around who live freely. Living freely is not free from bondage, but live truly. Find your own place in the vast world, not complaining, not demanding, and live confidently and freely according to your ability. Some of them took a year off from college to work as volunteers in India and Eastern Europe, and wrote down what they saw and heard along the way, thanking for the beauty of the way; There are financial talents who can dominate the world all the way. They turn to art and start from the heart; There are also those who abandon the safe and stable life and travel across the country; There are also those who return to mediocrity after being gorgeous and become a teacher. There are all kinds of possibilities in life, good and bad, turbulence and peace, and care about your personal feelings. In any case, it is worth having a good experience in this short life. Born in this world, who can not be bound, who can not have the “last resort” and “bad luck”, who can have the complete freedom? No matter what path you choose, you will always pay the corresponding price, and there will always be unknown struggles. At the same time, no one can predict what kind of scenery will be encountered on this journey of life, and what changes will be brought to life after the meeting in a moment? A book full of plot always starts from half. It is in this way that people grow up in this way, in this way of dealing with the world, and in this way of looking forward to the future. Perhaps if we can realize this, there will be no tragedy of Neil.

We will never forget the beauty of life, just like those lines that shine brightly, “I entered the jungle because I hope to live meaningfully, I hope to live deeply, and absorb all the essence of life”, “Every year is not only a dream that is about to die, but also an upcoming new life”. And poetry not only exists in books, but also exists in life, waiting for the soul to catch it. “The man who lives in heaven and earth is the reverse of all things; the man who lives in time is the passer-by of a hundred generations. And how happy is life like a dream?” Even if no one reads such a poem for me at the window of dusk, I can read a poem for myself at the window of dawn.


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