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The moon and sixpence

The reading of “The Moon and Sixpence” is over tonight. To tell the truth, I was shocked by the great writer Maugham.

Charles Strickland in his works has been revived, and my calm heart has aroused great waves.

At the beginning of the novel, I was absolutely disgusted with the selfishness of the protagonist Strickland. There is no such person in the world who destroys people’s three outlooks. For the so-called “love” in his heart, he does not hesitate to throw away his wife and son, but also has a rogue face that “it’s none of my business anyway”.

My wife is not my business, my children are not my business, and the world is not my business. In that way, even if the future ideal is realized, the wife and children will be separated, and there will be no strength to live.

Especially in the back, Stroeve saw that he was ill and helpless, so he took him home and took care of him with his wife. This guy is almost in good health. He will kidnap his wife away. A friend’s wife should not be deceived. Don’t you understand that? Besides, he is still your saviour. Without him, you would have died! They are also shamelessly occupying other people’s wives and houses.

The most hateful thing is that Mrs. Stroeve committed suicide for his abandonment, but he did not feel guilty at all. He still looked like a brute who had nothing to do with me. Has your conscience been eaten by the dog?

People, born to be human, should have a little conscience, otherwise how can they deserve to be human. But in him, I didn’t see a bit of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and trust, and more importantly, it was thin and cool and less shameful.

But when the story came to an end, there was a great reversal of the world. I didn’t expect to be moved by his persistence. I feel inexplicably what kind of person he is, and let people love and hate like this. It is clear that love has become powerful, but hate is very small.

In the days when Strickland died of leprosy, he did not choose to go dark. Instead, he seized the last opportunity in his life and made every effort to create a magnificent masterpiece – mural.

He completed his lifelong mission and reached the peak of painting art.

This masterpiece is more like a picture of the beginning of the universe – the Garden of Eden. It is a hymn to the beauty of human body – male and female body, and an ode to nature. That is, it makes you feel the infinity of space and the eternity of time, and it also makes you feel a sense of fear. And when this person’s most primitive nature is naked in front of you, you see more of yourself.

I can’t imagine what a picture it is. I just feel that at the end of reading it, my mind is full of multicolored and calumniated colors rolling, and an unknown excitement makes it difficult to calm down.

This may be a kind of admiration for Strickland! His love for painting is almost madness, fearless of the secular world and the environment. He is only driven by the fire in his heart and moves towards the palace in his heart. Although his feet are covered with thorns, he is also fearless.

As the book said, “What fascinates him is a desire to create beauty. This passion makes him restless for a moment and forces him to move around. He is like a pilgrim who has traveled all his life, always yearning for a holy land.”

Then we changed from initial disgust to pity, and from pity to awe.

Thank Maugham for presenting a good book to literary lovers. Let me read from it that people should show amazing perseverance and persistent pursuit in the face of ideals.

The moon is still so high tonight. I admire it and think about it. There is a little firmness in my eyes. How can we care about the inconspicuous sixpence under our feet?


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