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Miracle Museum

The “werewolf” is named Raymond Morris, who was born in a famous family in Richmond, Virginia. His family locked him in the attic to protect him and maintain the family reputation. Since his birth, he has been living in isolation.

Of all these strange performers, I am most interested in werewolves. His whole body was covered with hair. After squatting down, he looked like an animal. Although he was actually a man wearing a wool coat on his upper body, a pleated trousers on his lower body, and handcrafted boots on his feet. His hair was neatly combed and hung from the middle to both sides, revealing his eyes. They are bright eyes with deep sunken sockets, dark brown and very human. When he looks at you, you can’t think of him as anything other than human beings.

Mr. Morris once told me that he had honestly believed that he had everything he wanted for most of his life, even though he had been locked in the house. He has a special nanny to take care of him, and then there are male servants to help him deliver all the things he needs. He wore exquisite clothes and ate any food he wanted. His family hired a cook from Atlanta to satisfy his sudden interest. When he grew up, his greatest pleasure was reading. Because of this, the scale of his library has even exceeded that of many university libraries. His life has been greatly enriched by many literary works, and he has read each one more than once. He has never been in the rain, but he has read it in his book, so he can understand that feeling, just as he also knows what is the boundless sea, the golden grassland, and the joy of love. He told me that he once thought that his life was complete until he read the story of Jane Eyre. His idea changed completely. He can clearly feel that when reading this story, the whole world is changing. He suddenly understood how maddening it was to be locked in the house and isolated from others. He found himself almost in love with Mrs. Rochester, a character that would be regarded as a villain by ordinary readers. The night after reading the book, he escaped from the window. For the first time in his life, he really experienced the feeling of rain splashing on himself.

The reason why he came to New York is very simple, because he read the works of Walt Whitman when he studied at home. He adored him, just like me. Based on the impression in the book, Mr. Morris firmly believes that only in New York, a place full of energy and vitality, can he be accepted and live as normal as other people, even if he has something unusual. He thought that he could walk straight along the bustling streets and the river bank, and could walk freely between the boatman and the workers. However, the next day he arrived here, he was locked up and arrested for disturbing the masses. My father found him in prison. He huddled up in his cell and his hair was covered with blood. Mr. Morris was nearly knocked unconscious on Broadway.

Mr. Morris’s title of “werewolf” was given by my father, which is the inspiration he got in his dream. Father’s dream revelation and sudden whim are absolute laws that must be strictly enforced. He ordered someone to make a sign with a picture of Morris, and asked the painter to add sharp teeth and long tail. When people saw this strange new creature, they were frightened and screamed, and he became very popular; Even though some women fainted after seeing him, and had to use vinegar and smelling salt to make them wake up, the team to see him still lined up to Surf Avenue. He has undoubtedly become our signature star, but he never thinks so. Maureen privately said that the reason why people reacted so strongly was not because he behaved so cruelly – although he had been instructed to shake the cage railing desperately, and could not speak but to make a grunt. The real reason is that when they looked into his eyes, they were shocked by the humanity in his eyes.

[Content Introduction]

Life is a “museum” full of miracles created with love and courage.

In this era, New York has not been completely covered with cement. There are primitive jungle and wild animals around Manhattan and Brooklyn. People still believe that there are magical creatures. The girl Corari grew up in the miracle museum opened by her father. Among all kinds of weird specimens and deformed performers, she is the most dazzling protagonist “Mermaid”. But in reality, she is a “freak” who is discriminated against by others, an ordinary girl who hides her physical disability and real heart… The boy Ezekiel fled from Ukraine to New York to work with her father after her mother was killed and her home was destroyed. In the most difficult time of life, Ezekiel found that his father tried to throw himself into the river. He decided to say goodbye to his father, changed his name to Eddie, and became a “psychic teenager” who specialized in searching for missing people. He wandered in the hopeless and dark bottom world every night… After many years, Eddie, who had become a news photographer, accepted the commission of an old tailor to find his daughter who was uncertain after the factory fire. Corari, who was forced by his father to pretend to be a water monster, accidentally picked up a drowning woman while swimming in the Hudson River. The two began to meet, meet, meet and fall in love. Eddie’s numb heart was rekindled by love, and Corrari finally had the courage to resist fate

Like the humble people living at the bottom of the world, the cost of rebirth is so huge. Corrari and Eddie have to gamble on everything they have, freedom, love, and even life

[Introduction to the author]

Alice Hoffman, an American, is a famous novelist and playwright. He received a bachelor’s degree from Adelphia University and a master’s degree from Stanford University, majoring in creative writing. His works include “Property”, “The Season of Indulgence”, “Angel Comes”, “White Horse”, “The Lady of Fate”, “The Seventh Heaven” and “Unique Magic”, which are deeply loved by readers. The works changed into films include “Night of Revelation”, “Adventure”, “Local Girl”, and the blockbuster “Superpower Pleasure” starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. Her novels “Here on Earth”, “River God” and “Blue Diary” were selected as the recommended books of the famous American TV program “Oprah Winfrey Talk Show”.


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