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Lolita–Anatomy of a pedophile’s heart

The novel tells the story of Humbert’s unrequited love with his stepdaughter Lolita. When Humbert was young, he was hit by the death of his first love Abernal due to illness. He had a tender and obscene special feeling for the precocious sexy girl. Later, the man met Lolita (12 years old) by chance, fell in love with him at first sight, and finally died for love. Humbert is suffering from mental illness. For Lolita, he is desperate to use money to realize his embrace and love touch. Finally, Lolita escaped from Humbert, and Humbert killed the man who took Lolita away and abandoned him. After being arrested in prison, he looked back and wrote this book for repentance.

Anatomical process

The perspective of this article is Humbert’s own narration of his own behavior. In this book, Lolita has no self-report perspective. Therefore, the evaluation of his behavior and character depends on Humbert’s evaluation.

First of all, at the beginning of the article, Humbert revealed his defect: he was obsessed with young girls because of the death of his first girlfriend. He thought it was not his fault. In fact, the age of a girl can be changed at will. In that case, what if “I” like a 14-year-old girl is allowed in some laws? So what is the sin of my behavior? Original text: Humbert tries to be a good man. He fully respects the innocence and weakness of ordinary children; In any case, even if it is not too dangerous, he will not hinder the innocence of these children.

Seeing this, I tried to understand Humbert. Humbert’s desire for Abernal (his first love) could not be satisfied and then transferred to the girl. She dared not touch the girl in real life, but she was eager. Humbert can’t be blamed for this kind of psychological state. In fact, Humbert is also a victim. He can’t control himself from producing this desire. In addition, Humbert frankly said in the full text of his self-judgment that he did have all kinds of unrealistic thoughts about Lolita, and also had many fantasies about the girls around him. When this idea only existed in his mind, he did marry his mother to stay with Lolita for a long time, but these behaviors were just to see Lolita more. In fact, he did not rape Lolita. Lolita seduced him. Lolita’s mother died in a car accident after discovering Humbert’s idea. Humbert struggled in the double situation of his father and lover. Lolita read the diary and told him that Lolita had sex with homosexuals in the summer camp. She said she could do it for Humbert. If a man has sex regardless of the girl’s wishes, you can accuse him heartily. What can you do if a girl sends a signal to a pedophile on her own initiative? Humbert accepted. For a person who has been repressed for a long time, he accepted.

Then the book opens the second half of the story, but the later it goes, it realizes the cruelty of Humbert.

Maybe Lolita had a relationship with Humbert because of curiosity and ignorance, but Humbert could not control himself.

The next day after Lolita and Humbert lived together, Humbert told her mother’s death. Lolita read the diary and accused Humbert, saying, “You killed my mother, you murderer, rapist. She hated it and even wanted to run away immediately. Let’s see how Humbert reacted: Humbert was a little worried when he heard these words, and then analyzed them for Lolita without delay.

It has to be said that Lolita finally made a good compromise, but Humbert was not satisfied. In order to avoid the police, he took Lolita to start a tour around the United States – driving a car with Lolita to stay in hotels in various places. Of course, if you want to do something, use all kinds of candy and beautiful skirts to “bribe” Lolita. He enjoys everything in the fantasy, but painfully blames Lolita for not loving him, which often makes him nervous. As for Lolita, what kind of girl is she? Lolita is a mature and rebellious girl. She is at odds with her mother. Her mother said that she was irritable, irritable and fond of lying, so she sent her to the summer camp, but she learned something she shouldn’t know early there. Humbert changed his tone of her character when he was with her. At the beginning of the article, there was a comparison between Lolita’s mother and Humbert’s evaluation of her

Lolita’s debauchery

However, despite what Humbert said, he still showed his love for Lolita. He said he loved Lolita. Let Lolita go to school, but don’t let her play with other children. Lolita grows up and doesn’t want to have sex with Humbert, but money can make her reach a deal. Of course, Lolita also secretly hid the money. Humbert saw all this and said nothing.

Later, Lolita eloped with a pornographic writer, and Lolita’s fate was not very good. The writer asked Lolita to make pornographic films, but Lolita refused and was abandoned. Finally, Lolita married a disabled military veteran. She was pregnant and wrote a letter to Humbert. Ask him to give her some money to tide her over. Humbert finally found Lolita again and asked her to go back with him. Lolita resolutely refused, and let him go! Finally, when Humbert asked to know who had abducted her, Lolita stammered out. Humbert was very angry. He was angry that his lover had been abandoned. He ran to the writer’s house, wrote a trial statement, and finally executed him with bullets. He believed that he had done a proper thing, even though he was in prison, he did not regret it. However, perhaps he didn’t know why Lolita intended to spend her life with poor returning soldiers, and didn’t want to return to Humbert. Because the sentence she didn’t say was: Kui (writer) ruined me, and you ruined my life. When we read the previous part, we couldn’t feel Lolita’s so much resentment towards Humbert. In fact, it has traces to follow in the text, and it also needs some thinking. Qui said at the end of his life, “I saved her from a personality pervert.” This is an outsider’s evaluation of Humbert. From beginning to end, Humbert will not admit that he is such a person. What kind of person does he think he is? A smart person who can cheat a psychiatrist, a person who appreciates the beauty of a girl, a sensitive and vulnerable person, and a person who is crazy about Lolita, come to see what Humbert said when he was tried.

Humbert is still quibbling

This is also the reason why you can’t hate Humbert when reading the full text. If you don’t think carefully, you will be immersed in the pleasure of identifying with and infringing on the girl. Humbert has an extreme sense of beauty for this feeling, which makes you feel that it is not only legitimate but also innocent, especially a child with bad character. He didn’t rape Lolita. He just admired a girl gently. He even wanted to say that it was the same girl from the beginning to the end. Look, what a gentleman he is.

Yes, this is a self-deceiving liar. Use a mean way to justify your selfish desire. In reality, Lolita was completely destroyed because of his irreversible behavior. In fact, as early as school, the teacher found Lolita’s weirdness, but when the teacher talked with Humbert, he saw how Humbert expressed his attitude

The teacher’s complaint about Lolita’s strangeness only made Humbert worry about his exposure, not the psychological abnormality of the person he loved.

There are many other insincere behaviors of Humbert exposed in the article. Humbert thinks he loves Lolita, but he always forces Lolita to have sex with him, even to trade with money. He takes Lolita around the states to satisfy his desire, and imprisons Lolita’s vanity with candy and clothes, but he does not fulfill his father’s responsibility to teach her right and wrong. It is true that Lolita has her own defects, and Humbert’s horror lies in using her defects to justify herself and make profits. Humbert finally thought that he had avenged Lolita, tried and killed the writer Qui, and was moved by his hero’s behavior. However, Humbert himself was the most deserving of trial.

He really destroyed Lolita.


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