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Robinson Crusoe “: forget yourself, regain a new life

Despite the changes of the era of object change and people have lived different lives from their predecessors, the question of “who I am” has caused countless people to think. The Bible says, “God says,’We shall make men in our image.” ” God makes men in his own image, but men and women in his image.”According to this record, we are all the people of God. One may suggest his own opinion: in this case, the problem is solved. In fact, although we see this, how many people really know about God? So the question didn’t get the final answer. When Jack, played by the Dragon, stands high on the top of the mountain and shouts “Who am I?”, everything seems to be back to the starting point. We never know who I am. In this way, the problem becomes a crux, and then evolves into a mystery, or —— unsolved mystery. Is this the case?

Let’s take a look at Robinson’s experience:

Before sailing, he could have enjoyed the benefits of the development of capitalism. He could find a stable job, marry a wife and have children, and live a happy life since. However, he was very fond of sailing and adventure. He had been to many parts of the world and encountered many dangers, but he was never afraid of anything. So, regardless of his parents’ obstacles, he embarked on a risky journey. However, on a voyage to South America in 1660, Robinson encountered rare storms, his companions were drowned in the sea, and he alone survived. When he opened his eyes, he found himself swept up on a deserted island. Seeing this, some people may feel that he will die, because it is extremely difficult to survive even now without any preparation. But our Robinson, who had lived on that island for 28 years, had survived all the long years in a man’s life with his own hands. What does 28 years mean? It means that he goes from his youth to his middle age, spending all his time enough to conquer the world.

American writer Henry Thoreau said in his “Walden”, ” when I write the back of the pages, or behind a lot of words, I was living alone, in the forest, in Concord city, Massachusetts, Walden shore, in my wooden building, a mile from any neighbor, only by my hands labor, to support myself. There, I lived for two years and two months.”What is that than Robinson? Thoreau wanted to be a hermit, but Robinson had to do it. That’s the gap.

So, what has kept Robinson alive? Did he find some secret on the desert island?

“All day, I was devastated by my miserable circumstances. I had no food, no house, no clothes, no weapons, no place to escape, no hope of rescue, only a dead end, not devoured by wild animals, or starved to death for lack of food. When night came, I slept in a tree for fear of being eaten by wild animals. Although it rained all night, I slept soundly.”It was his first day on the desert island in his condition. You can see that he was a little desperate, but he ended up sleeping soundly.

“On October 26th I ran ashore for almost all day looking find a suitable place to live. My greatest concern is the security, which must be protected against wild animals or wild men during the night. In the evening, I finally found the right place under a mountain rock. I drew a semicircle as the site for the shelter, and decided to put two layers of wooden piles along the semicircle, with a cable in the middle, and turf on the outside, to build a strong fortification, like a wall or a fortress.”After carrying the useful things from the tide, he began to make further plans. Obviously he had pulled himself up, and he had to survive. After settling down on the island, he took the guns and the dogs to hunt, or went to the sea to fish, and raised the captured goats. Then he actually drank the goat’s milk. He made pottery and planted wheat, as if something had never happened before. He has found himself. Sixteen years later, he saved a wild man, named him the name of Friday, and lived happily with him.

From the initial pessimistic despair, to the resumption of hope, and then later into the nature. In this process, Robinson is changing, from a social person to a natural person. He became a part of nature, nature made him alive, he made himself live better. Here, we can see the truth of life from the cracks of time. Life is a natural and beautiful state. When we carefully understand the hero Robinson’s oneWhen we touch a drop, we will find this extraordinary beauty. Protino said, ” God is the source of beauty, and every thing like beauty is born from God.”According to his view, we can appreciate the beauty of life because of the light of God. Think about it, if that other shore, the other shore of the glorious flow of god really exists, so there must be someone can see more amazing beauty. Don’t know what Robinson saw. It may be said that Robinson survived the desert island is a noble thing in itself. His life is like an art, a natural natural art to carving. As Longans said, ” I will declare with confidence that nothing causes sublime as the proper expression of it; that it comes out and sounds like the voice of God.”” The wave who once pressed down on me immediately buried me twenty or thirty miles deep, and I could feel a powerful force rushing me to the shore quickly, far away. I held my breath and swam forward vigorously.”In the text, when the hero is washed away by the waves, the kind of unprecedented desire to survive, is it not sublime?

Here, back to the “who I am I” question. In my opinion, if you are still in your society, in that materialistic society, maybe you will never know who you really are. As the Shawshank Redemption says, ” We are always busy with life or death.”In the busy state, you are not you at all, you are just a” busy ” slave, you can only rely on it, and then lose yourself. Contemporary society will make a lot of walking dead, they look like others, in fact, by their essence, they are just living and temperature body. Who will consider the meaning of life? People choose to leave due to the so-called heaven. They did not know that even if there was heaven, not everyone could enter. He who profane is not qualified.

At the end of the novel, Robinson went back anyway. What does that mean? After all, he still belongs to that society, that society and his care, who is sentient beings? At this point, everything should be over, but in another sense, he is no longer the one on the island.

All in all, Robinson Crusoe is actually written about a forgotten self (to be noted, the “self” here refers to the self as a beneficiary of the bourgeoisie in the social background of that time.) Of a process. In this long process, we can see the beauty of life from the hero, and the hardships of survival. It is in such a process that the hero gets a new life. This new life comes from a profound understanding of life. Similarly, we have a new understanding that each individual is not just a combination of various social relationships, nor does it mean that after the removal of various relationships, the individual disappears. In my opinion, in addition to these relationships, that is to say, there may be another “self” in addition to this present “self”, and this self is a kind of perfect and perfect existence. Or it can be said that we struggle so hard is to make ourselves closer to such a self. Daniel Desoe may not have thought this when he wrote this novel, but in his subconscious, he should have left a place for such a truth, otherwise it would not have been so moving.


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