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A life rebuilt in pain, love and growth

Some people migrate because of pain, others live in pursuit of love

One of our bodies and souls is wandering

Zebra Wanderer: Everyone needs a pilgrimage to the past to tear off the label imposed by life. As an exile, the protagonist of this book is deeply hurt by the cold and cruel world, and thus falls into a lonely and tragic past_ Tencent Video

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I am most curious about the title of the book “Zebra Wanderer”, because it seems that few works use the image of “zebra” to refer to the protagonist, but it can actually easily trigger various associations of readers.

What does zebra mean?

It is said that zebra stripes are the most successful way to confuse the enemy. They can dazzle predators and lose their prey. It has also been reported that zebras cannot sleep alone. They must be accompanied by the same kind. Others use “life is like zebra stripes” to describe the uncertain fate.

Why did the heroine give herself such a name? The book explains as follows:

On the journey of exile, I need a new name, a name that can cover multiple selves… The sun falls through the branches and forms stripes on my father’s coffin. A word flashed into my mind – zebra. Zebras, black and white animals, are like prisoners of war; An animal that rejects any duality

About Multiple Self

The author once said in an interview that, Why should we shape the role of zebra: “Zebra tries to organize the chaos of her past, and at the same time tries to understand the ruthlessness of history. In this process, she transforms herself from a single existence into a person with multiple identities, and this transformation becomes the key to make room for the pain of others in her own heart. I hope Zebra can inspire readers to make room for others in their hearts. I hope she can inspire us to fight back harder against those who reduce others to images An impersonal narrative that is characterized or stereotyped. ”

It is not difficult to see from this passage that the focus of the author’s writing lies in the diversity and multiplicity of people and the world.

In the book, the heroine was initially firmly imprisoned by her “exile”, “literary family” and other labels, and looked at things from a dualistic perspective. Indulge in their tragic past, hate the world, and hold contempt and hostility towards people who live happily in peaceful areas. The author gave her the name “Zebra”, hoping that she (and readers) would dare to tear off the label imposed on her by others, life and fate, find the multiplicity of herself and better accept others.

About loneliness and love

The gregarious zebra will lose its sense of love and security when it is alone. The “zebra” in the book is also trapped in the mire of loneliness. The repeated and painful love between her and Ludo is due to the deep fear of loneliness.

All the people I have loved have gone away from me, and I can’t afford to lose more. I am afraid that with his company, the grief that originally shrouded me will dissipate for a short time, and I just have to hit me with greater force. After all, I love my father and mother, but what else does that love bring besides pain?

The past experience robbed her of everything she loved and her ability to love. She only knew to hide in the wall of literature and push aside all the goodwill around her. Since the loved ones will eventually disappear in life, it is better not to start.

Such thoughts make people more empty, and in the emptiness, more intense desire often brews up.

Perhaps many people will think that Ludo does not understand zebras and is not worth the persistence of zebras. My idea is that Ludo exists as a connection between zebras and reality, just as Watson is to Holmes, and Tang Ren is to Qin Feng in The Chinatown Detective.

Ludo let the zebra slowly see the real world. Although this link made the zebra troubled and painful, it was successful after all. It’s just like the signal is bad, but after all, it’s reassuring to connect with the spacecraft of the parent star.

About life

Life is like the stripes of a zebra, dazzling, but the front of the black part is white.

The way to break through the darkness is to take a brave step forward.

In this world where we are trying our best to destroy me, we should love, overcome and persist at all costs.

As for the greatness of human beings, my formula is to love fate, that is to say, do not desire anything else, do not seek the past, do not seek the future, and do not seek eternity.

At the end of the book, I am very pleased to see that zebras have left their wandering road in the past, left the past that hurt them, and moved towards a new and loving life.

Of course, I believe that she will still maintain her independence and the aura of literature. Growth is not to abandon the past, but to turn the imprisoned city into the cornerstone of looking into the distance.

Everyone will have painful memories and the darkest moments in life. Life is like this, black and white, but when you are in the black part, you can always choose to move forward.




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