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Walden Lake

The book “Walden Lake” was written in the middle of the 19th century, which was the period of rapid development of capitalism. Under the background of that time, people pursued interests and tried every means to make themselves, to obtain higher rights and more money. Industrial courtesy and noisy society squeeze and erode human nature. Against this background, the wise man who graduated from Harvard, who was single, took an axe and ran into the mountains near the uninhabited Walden Lake. He is a maverick, with a heart yearning for nature, and quietly stepped on the foundation of this heart. On the land of Walden Lake, which is known as “a drop of God”, he is calm in the space and lonely in his mind!

“I love that there is room for leisure in my life. Sometimes, on a summer morning, after bathing as usual, I sit in front of the door where the sun is melting. From the rising of the red sun to the noon when the sun is shining, I sit in this forest of pine, hickory and sumac trees, sitting in the loneliness and quiet away from the hustle and bustle, and meditating.”

He quietly unloaded the hustle and bustle of the city and wrote down loneliness with his heart. Every time I read his book, I was shocked. He thought about life and made my heart as clear as water. He made me feel in awe. The life of a man was like this. His life was so simple and fragrant, though short and profound. His spiritual world is colorful and exquisite. I’m afraid there are some wise people in the world.

In Thoreau’s short life, he tried to encourage people to simplify life and free up time to go deep into life and taste life. Through his own life experience, he told the world not to be confused by the complicated life, thus losing the direction and meaning of life. Be the helmsman of life and sail far. He believed that if people could live a simple life as prescribed by the laws of the universe, there would be no anxiety to disturb the peace of mind. The so-called tomorrow will never come even if the time ends. The light that makes us blind is darkness for us. When we wake up, the dawn will break. There is a long way to go. The sun is just a star.

He advocates frugal life, not to make us want simple food or frugal, but to let us listen to new rhythms, which may be the value of a person, just lonely, quiet, without any affectation.

The author’s pursuit of solitude on the bank of Walden Lake is in fact the pursuit of profundity. He wants to think and explore life in a lonely mood. Loneliness gave birth to his profound thoughts. “Don’t give me love, don’t give me money, don’t give me fame, give me truth.” This is his inner voice.

Read this textbook of mind! It will make your trip worthwhile.

Although we can’t taste the lonely mountain life like Thoreau, and although Walden Lake has disappeared forever, none of these can prevent us from having a clear Walden Lake in our hearts, which can cleanse our hearts at all times. According to Thoreau, go to your heart to explore!


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