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Read Eugenie Grandet and taste all kinds of life in the world!


Balzac for women

To be honest with the author, I am ashamed! Why are these two melons (dialects)? Because as a literary lover and a writer, I know nothing about the great writers who wrote more than 90 novels in my life. And I have rarely read his works, which is really sinful! He also boasted every day that he had a loyal heart to literature until he died.

In order to reduce my guilt for Balzac, I vowed to read “Human Comedy” every day from now on, and try my best to absorb some nourishing liquid from the “Encyclopedia of French Society”. Otherwise, my life would not be dark?

Turning to the first page of this book, I stared at the portrait of the author for a long time. The great French critical realist writer of the 19th century has a pair of sharp eyes that have insight into the world. He seems to tell the author that people with ideas never lack admirers! From his eyes, I saw a proud lonely man.

Balzac once said in his book that no matter what the situation, women suffer more than men, and the degree is deeper. A man has his energy to play: he moves, runs, is in a hurry, makes ideas, looks at the future and feels comforted.

But a woman is still and cannot be distracted in the face of sadness. Sadness opens a hole for her. Let her drill down to the bottom, measure the depth of the hole, and fill in her desire and tears. Feeling love, suffering and sacrifice are always the articles that women should have in their lives.

From these words, we can feel that Balzac commented with an objective and impartial attitude that God’s fate of men and women is extremely unfair in this world.

Since ancient times, women have carried too much blood and tears. No matter where and when, responsibilities and obligations always kidnap women. Even if they are treated unfairly in marriage, most women will swallow blood and tears to save the family.

Balzac created an image of a suffering woman in the book, that is, Eugenie’s mother. This is a tragic figure, but her body contains the miniature of thousands of women in the world. For the family, for the children, swallow the bullet and carry the load!


A woman who has been suppressed by her husband all her life

In the novel Eugenie Grandet, the most painful thing for me is Eugenie’s mother who marries a man by mistake in her life. Originally, her family background was very good, that is to say, her family was very rich, and she was probably able to meet better men by virtue of her family’s superiority, but in her teenage years, she was simply moved by Grandet’s “loyalty”.

Finally, she married Grandet, an old hoodlum with a deep heart and a passion for money.

The saddest thing for a woman is to marry a stingy man who is unwilling to spend a penny for herself. Although Grandet is rich in money, he is too stingy to buy a decent dress for his wife. The most deadly thing is to squeeze his wife’s pocket money for a long time.

Say! Will she be happy to marry such a selfish man?

Eugenie’s mother said the last words on her deathbed:; There is nothing but suffering and death in the world.

She has lived a humble life. She dare not go against her husband’s wishes, nor does she want to go against the man she wants to depend on all her life. So she lives a very subdued life!

Balzac arranged for Mrs. Grandet to appear in the novel in this way: Mrs. Grandet was extremely thin, sallow and clumsy, just like she was born to endure the oppression of a tyrant. Big bones, big nose, brain door, big eyes, at first glance, look like dry fruit without water or taste.

This woman’s character is absolutely perfect, and she is worthy of being the descendant of the De La Bediere family.

The author wrote a few words, and put a person’s sad life on the paper!

Although Mrs. Grandet has a rich husband who is envied by outsiders, she has no idea that her life is not as good as that of the poor, because in her husband’s eyes, she is a chess piece to help him inherit property, a servant to help him work, a senior family nanny, and does not need to pay a franc of cheap labor.

Such a marriage, such a husband, is indeed a woman’s grave!


Eugenie, who has been poisoned by love she shouldn’t have come

Eugenie is a character Balzac likes in this work. She is pure and kind-hearted. She can do everything to treat love, including fighting against her miser father.

But after reading this book, I can’t let go for a long time. It’s not worth it for Eugenie!

Eugenie’s first love, Shire, affects every nerve of her. When Shire encounters major changes in her life, Eugenie takes out all her gold to help her lover and dedicates the most beautiful youth. However, it was the betrayal of the first love.

It is not terrible to break up. What is terrible is to spend your life on a scum man who is not worth your effort. Isn’t it stupid? What’s more, when Eugenie learned that Shire was going to marry another woman, Eugenie also completely put herself into the grave of marriage, leading to the end of her life.

Balzac described in his novel as follows: sadness drilled a hole for her, let her go in, until the end of the hole, she always filled the abyss of pain with hope and tears.

Who will pay for her sadness?

Eugenie’s ending is not happy, “lacking sunshine and warmth, always lifeless and full of sadness, which is the reflection of her life.

She was born in the secular world but did not belong to the secular world. She was an angel’s wife and mother, but she had no husband, family and offspring.

As women, we never want to attach ourselves to anyone. We choose to pursue freedom and love, but we are not blind. After experiencing many blows and tribulations in life, we do not succumb to pressure, but go light and find a new way. After all, there is no grass in the world, but we have not found it.


Old hoops enslaved by money

Grandet: Life is cruel and full of pain. The longer the desire, the deeper the obsession.

Grandet’s obsession with money is unique in the world. He thinks money is more important than his life. It is described in the book that after Mrs. Grandet died, according to the law, Grandet’s daughter would divide the property with her father, and the worried miser prayed for his daughter to give up the property. If she was divided, it would be his life!

A simple daughter doesn’t care about money. Grandet inherited all the inheritance left by his wife as he wished!

Poor and disgusting Grandet.

Balzac describes Mr. Grandet in this way: his nose is fat, and he is wearing an ugly sarcoma that is not satisfied with blood. People think that this sarcoma is full of devious tricks.

Who did Grandet’s cleverness calculate? After calculating myself, I didn’t forget to tell my daughter at the end of my life: take care of everything and give me the account when I get there!

Money enslaved his soul.

He calculated his daughter’s happiness. Not to mention that he tried to stop Eugenie’s untimely love, but to say that Eugenie’s childhood life was not a bit colorful under his control. There is only silence and anxiety all day long.

Eugenie inherited her father’s stinginess and narrowness in her character. Even though Wanguan’s family is rich, her life is still dull and tasteless. She lives in an old house and lives a harsh life. Even though she has done many good deeds, she is worthy of those who have been helped by her, but she is sorry for herself.

Grandet’s narrowness was successfully copied by Eugenie. Her daughter did not rationally analyze and treat her life and marriage when she was betrayed by her feelings, but married hastily. It is conceivable that her marriage failed.

Eugenie did not welcome the new life after her husband died, but buried her happiness forever with the betrayal of Shire.

So Grandet’s intrigue finally calculated his closest person! His life is pathetic.


Shar, the fighter in the scum men

When reading the first half of the novel, I enjoyed the pure love between Eugenie and Shire. They knew each other and loved each other. But when I read the second half of the novel, I was really angry. Shire’s change of mind, Shire’s cunning and insidious are disgusting!

The book describes Eugenie in love in this way: her happiness is like a nail on the wall. No matter how much you accumulate, holding it in your hand can never cover the palm.

When are people happiest? Even if your heart belongs to you, the other party’s heart also belongs to you. It’s the happiest time to cherish each other’s heart.

Who knows that fate has brought Eugenie’s happy soul into hell. She vowed to love her, but Xia only sent her a letter of refusal after a few years. A letter full of hypocrisy and deception.

The letter told her that she was not worthy of his upper-class life and that he was going to marry a bride. It was funny that the bride was not her.

The impudence of the Shire, the popularity of the Shire, and the two-faced and three-pronged attack of the Shire are all reviled! He is the fighter of scum men.

When writing this paragraph, I am very glad at this moment that Eugenie was dumped by the scum of Shire. If they get married and have children, the consequences will be unimaginable. Because scum men are very terrible if they are shameless.

So what’s the big deal of betrayal in one’s life? When betrayed, you can cry in front of the mirror in an indifferent way, and tell yourself that what is more suitable for you has not yet appeared. You will be happier if you are calm!

Dress and forget.


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