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If Give Me Three Days of Light

“Reading a good book is talking with a great mind.”

Helen Kate, a blind, deaf and dumb lady. The reason why I use “lady” instead of “disabled” is that when I read this book, I often wonder that she seems to have seen everything and heard everything, so in my opinion, she is not “disabled”.

It is hard to imagine how a blind, deaf and dumb girl began to learn. It seems that she can only feel the world through smell and touch. However, she has accomplished many tasks that cannot be completed.

She learned the first word “doll” through feeling. This is a simple word. I don’t know how many times I wrote it before I formed an impression in my mind. Is this impression the same as those of us who can see? Learn mathematics by groping for beads of different sizes. Feel what others say by touching your throat and lips. What I wonder is how she communicates with Miss Sullivan in sign language? I still can’t figure it out.

Helen Keller’s life was indeed full of magic.

First of all, I can’t help feeling that she did meet a good teacher, Annie Sullivan, who was “unprecedented and never came”. In the face of the unruly little Helen, she was not pitiful, not indulgent, but abnormal, “using violence to control violence”. For education, it is not only intended that students can learn knowledge and like her, but more importantly, it is to teach her independence, whether you are complete or incomplete. In this way, she tamed the wild horse. In her later life and study, she adhered to the concept of “because you (Helen) like”, accompanied Helen with infinite patience, helped Helen read, and helped Helen speak.

God closed a door for her, but opened a window for her. She met many caring people on her way of life. She once studied Latin under Mr. Allen, an excellent Latin scientist; Learn German under Miss Remy; Learn French under Mrs. Olivier; In college, he was loved by Mr. Gilman, the president; At the invitation of Mr. Mark Twain, I stayed at his home for a period of time; I met with Mr. Edison, the “king of invention”, and Mr. Ford, the “king of automobile”

Of course, the road of life is not smooth. After college, she was busy making speeches. Helen was embarrassed by the small voice and unclear pronunciation of the speech in the early stage. After Miss Sullivan got married, she was also talked about by people. However, everything is over.

In the last chapter of the book, Keller said, “If I were given three days of light, on the first day, I would look at people. Their kindness, kindness and friendship make my life worth living”, with a grateful heart; “The next day with vision, I will get up at dawn to see the moving miracle that night turns into day”, with a heart of love for life; “My third day of vision is coming to an end, and there may be many important and serious things that need me to use the remaining few hours to see and do”, with a positive and optimistic heart.


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