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My University

No one wants to study in such a university, but this is a school of life: noisy and quiet, bitter and sweet, cold and warm, dark and bright, with the soul feeling, this is the magic box, this is the world!

This is an ignorant young man. He stepped on this soil with the hope of real fantasy, but he did not know that he had said goodbye to the only sincere love in the world for him – Grandma, who encouraged him to go to college – perhaps she knew the outcome of the grandson, but also pushed him into it, in order to follow the path of life and explore “how should society change? What should I do?”. As for the people who grow up with, it depends on his own choice.

So he became a “student”, but this is not the other way around. “Teacher” is a “classmate” who is also floating, and “classmate” is a “teacher” who infects others. The same is that they are all on their own way to survive. The difference is that they have different views on the world, but they influence each other. The blending of emotion and thought makes them finally similar. This young man’s life has changed, and of course, his view of the world has also changed. If he really went to college, maybe he would not be so sophisticated and have more knowledge? In that era, it was better to be more sophisticated in order to survive.

The existence of a person’s knowledge will affect his understanding of things, not the world, but a pure person and an upright person will always have his own view of right and wrong. Perhaps the edges and corners will be smoothed by others’ persuasion, except for him, because on the edges and corners, there is infinite power to pursue light and justice. He will not be buried by the darkness and ruthlessness around him, and his light is shining in the boundless. People who share the same interests with him, the same, so there is a flicker of light in the world. Slowly, these light spots gathered and became bright lights, emitting endless energy, breaking through the darkness and illuminating the world

From this book, we can see Gorky’s heart, which seems transparent, hazy but bright. “In My University In, he reflected the life of Russian intellectuals at that time and the activities of populists against the rule of the czar in his own handwriting, and showed the ideological situation of Russian intellectuals during this period. In Gorky’s autobiographical novels, we can see that Gorky had already hated the ugly reality of Russia in his youth, and had been trying to explore the way of life. He once dreamed of being a robber, robbing the rich and helping the poor or improving people’s lives by praying to God, but he was still young at that time, which was of course just naive fantasy. In a large number of critical realism works, he also failed to find the answer to the question of “what should I do” that he had been thinking hard. I have contacted many intellectuals with revolutionary sentiments, and I want to find a new way of life from them. ” this is it.

“My University” is actually Gorky’s exploration history of truth. From a childish and vigorous young man to a visionary thinker and revolutionist looking for light, the source of his knowledge is this school and his university.

Knowledge is shared, and thinking is your own. Grasp the rudder in your heart, sail to the harbor of dreams, and grow!

This is what I got from my understanding and thinking in My University.


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