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On Earth

I have always said that I am a forgetful person. Even if you think about it for a long time, you will forget it with time. So no matter how good the works are, I will forget the sentences in my heart.

When I go to and from the subway, I watch “On Earth” on my mobile phone. Say something that will be laughed at. I didn’t think of Gorky’s name when I first saw it, and I didn’t bring it into the story when I first saw it. Just one third of the time, those cruel words and thoughts, those seemingly desperate but profound words pierced my heart. When I finally saw Gorky’s name, I remembered: Ah. It’s Gorky’s trilogy.

I can’t remember what those words resonated with me, but I still remember some of my feelings about it.

We are not heaven or hell on earth. Don’t worry about darkness in heaven, and don’t expect light in hell. But we are in the world, so when we struggle in the darkness and light, we will despair, believe, or be numb.

Ariesha grew up at the bottom. At a young age, he saw too many people, too many things, and too many books. If it wasn’t for the age I always mentioned, I would always be in a trance that he was an old man who had already gone through the vicissitudes of life. Although he has really experienced a lot, he has really thought a lot.

After reading the story, I remember thinking, why are most of the people in the story so ugly? I’m talking about appearance here. Because the looks he described are really beyond imagination.

All kinds of people, all kinds of personalities, all kinds of life. This is a complex society and a group of complex and simple people.

Human nature is the most difficult to explain clearly, and many people love to discuss, describe and study it. I think the emptiness and dryness of the heart is more ugly than the ugliness of the appearance. So the outstanding Alesha is so brave and strong. In the story, his grandmother had a deep influence on him. She was like a Virgin and always guided him to a bright place at an important moment.

In my opinion, Alesha is also an ordinary person. Although he is young and mature, he has profound ideas and opinions. But when he met some good people, met some bad people, and met many things, he also struggled, had impetuosity, and had some bad behaviors. Only in the end he defeated himself.

In my opinion, why are great people so great. It is not because of anything else, but because in the struggle of survival, even though they are not living as expected, even though many things are always confused, confused and confused, they still want to go up, want to enrich themselves, finally overcome everything with ideas, and support themselves in the cloud with ideas.

On earth, it is the story of Alesha from childhood to youth, but it also describes a realistic society with history. Because of that background, many things seem to be suffering, so they are more profound. I just think that in fact, every society is the same, and that era is the same.

Whether it’s men, women, or their behaviors or thoughts. You can see what you can see in your current society and what you think. But some things are obvious or hidden with the times.

Finally, I think a good work is brave to face the reality. He will not escape the pain, the sadness and unbearable, nor the dirty or gorgeous background, or the seemingly gorgeous background. He uses different languages to express the same feelings, let us face up, face up, and think. As the title says, because we are on earth.


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