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The Love of a Bitter Prostitute — The Lady of Camellia

“I think people can only be created after a thorough study of people. Just like to speak a language, you have to learn it carefully.” – Dumas Jr

As a novel, this kind of beginning is relatively rare. This sentence combines the author’s understanding of the characters in the novel and forms his own view. That is, you can better participate in practice only if you have a richer theory. Because fiction is a very important form of social practice. Dumas Jr. plays an important role in French literature. It was because of his personal experience that he created the world famous work “Lady of Camellia”. It is also because of this masterpiece that a new era of works on prostitutes in France and the world has been opened. It can be seen that his position in the history of literature is obvious. As mentioned earlier, The Lady of Camellia was written out of the author’s personal experience. As Dumas said, “I ask the reader to believe the truth of this story. All the characters in the story, except the heroine, are still alive today.” Indeed, it is exactly the sentence: “Art comes from life.” True art is bound to be closely and inseparable from real life.

The “I” in the novel is a curio lover who accidentally found advertisements for auctioning furniture and curios. The owner of these items is a famous prostitute who has died. This is a prostitute who has been romantic for half her life, happy for a while, and miserable for the rest of her life. Please allow me to use the quantifier of this prostitute as “bit”. Because she is worthy of respect. She is very famous. It is not too much to say that she is the number one famous person in that city. She has the appearance of an angel, the love of a duke, and the life of a high class aristocrat that many people can’t expect (although this kind of life does not last). However, if she died, it might be more accurate to sacrifice. She is Miss Margaret Gautier. A happy, miserable and lonely prostitute. She died, died in the “bed where she used to sleep”, and entered the tomb in the dry, desolate and ruthless “desert”. She died, was plagued by illness before death, and there were no flowers and prayers after death. Yes, “businessmen and thieves believe in the same God”, and beauty and suffering are also concentrated in one person. After her death, she had no sympathy, just as the author shouted from the heart: “You sympathize with the blind who can’t see the sun, the deaf who can’t hear the sound of nature, and the dumb who can’t express their thoughts with sound; however, under a false excuse of so-called shame, you are not willing to sympathize with the blind in heart, the deaf in soul and the dumb in conscience.”

In the process of participating in the auction, “I” bought a book of the deceased – “Magnon Lesco”. The title page of this book has two lines of beautiful handwriting:

“Magnon vs Margaret

Shame ”

This is enough to stimulate the curiosity of “me” about the dead. This book also attracted an extremely important figure – Armand Duval. He is the angel of Miss Margaret Gautier, the lover of Miss Margaret Gautier, and the devil of Miss Margaret Gautier. His eyes were haggard and his spirit was decadent. Like the dying old man who has been ill for a long time, he is not a little angry. Only the world abandoned his despair and bitterness. He brought a letter – Miss Margaret Gautier, besides her diary, was the only gift left to him in the last time of her life. This letter is his only thought in the world, because it is completely based on their ordinary and great love.

The story of their love has been recorded in detail in the book, so it is inconvenient to say more here. However, a prostitute, a woman suffering from ill fortune and infirmity, has the luxury jewelry that other peers most desire and fear to have – love. Prostitutes are to love, just as poor people are to dreams. They are very precious and difficult to achieve within their own capabilities. But even so, should we give up? Apart from prostitutes, talk about the poor. The word “poor” will undoubtedly exist for a long time in most backward areas of China. I am a poor man. I was born in a remote countryside and have been a farmer for generations. They are industrious, planting seeds on their own land, just like feeding babies in swaddling clothes; They know how to be frugal, and always look for abandoned rice ears in the field with microscope eyes; They haven’t read many books, some of them are even “illiterate”, but they always talk about “sweat dripping down the soil, every grain is hard”; They don’t know what is dream, what is ideal, but they know that if people live for a lifetime, they will have to have the courage to stand between villages; They may quarrel with each other for a piece of land that is too big for them, because they know that this is their own land, and no one else can ride on their own head and do wild things. This is the backbone of farmers, and even their dreams.

Farmers dream like frogs in the moon. One of the major reasons is poverty. I’m really afraid of poverty. So they support their children to study at all costs, knowledge changes their fate, knowledge brings wealth, and knowledge gains status. It has become a deep-rooted belief in the hearts of some farmers. Yes, some are. Is there no result of becoming such a person? Some of them drop out of school and work, some go home and get married, and some end their lives because of too much study, which is painful and painful. However, I still don’t understand, I don’t know from which generation, knowledge and books have become stepping stones on the road to wealth and power, like dirt in a cesspit, cracked and can’t bear to hear it. Shouldn’t they be delicacies for self-cultivation and self-cultivation? Yes, I think it’s still because of poverty. Because there is no money, because of life, knowledge and books are abused and even misused. Just as Shi Tiesheng asked, “How can human beings even have questions about the equal rights of life today? How can money and no money become the boundary between life and death? What’s the matter? What’s the matter with human beings?” I think that human beings have never been “equal”. In a circle, there are always two extremes, which are not prescribed by anyone, but the consensus reached by all living beings. As Armand’s father said to the “Camellia Woman”, “a person has a family in addition to his mistress; he also has responsibilities in addition to love; it should be remembered that after a stage of passion in life, a person has reached the stage of being respected, which requires a stable and reliable position.” Foreign countries also have this “consensus”. However, is the consensus that has been passed down really correct? Must the “respected stage” be filled with money and power? Just as the relationship between prostitutes and love is in jeopardy, is there also a relationship between the poor and the dream? Excuse me, I’m not sure, at least for now.


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