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Paul has been fighting all his life, whether in his youth against the bad working environment, the capitalists who squeeze workers, in the revolutionary war against the enemy and bandits, in peace against the backward and destructive elements in the party, or even in the final period of suffering from illness, it can be said that the struggle is the bottom color of Paul’s life.

In this struggle, the great personality reflected is “strong”! If there is only one word to describe Paul Kochagin, it is “strong”. Don’t be afraid of difficulties. With strong will and determination, fight to the last moment forever! This is also the most inspiring place for readers to feel the power.

In addition, Paul has another thing that can greatly affect me: “enthusiasm”! No matter what happens, he can devote himself to life and work with enthusiasm. Remembering the words of Roman Roland, “There is only one kind of real heroism in the world, that is to love life after recognizing the truth of life”. Paul is such a hero.

Think about it. Compared with Paul, our living standard is now too high to know where. It is reasonable to say that there is no need to worry about food and clothing. There are not so many life-and-death moments, but we seem to be lost in the trivia of life, without the guidance of ideals and trust, and without the passion of life. Each of us should pursue our ideals bravely, live in this world with enthusiasm and pride.

Talk about the three love descriptions of Paul in this book: at the beginning, he and Dounia were more youthful love between boys and girls, without any other adulteration, and felt very beautiful, although they were separated because of the different social classes and ideologies they represented. The relationship between the second paragraph and Rita belongs to the sublimation of the friendship between gay partners. Although it ended due to misunderstanding, the discussion of friendship and love when the two finally met was moving. The love between the third paragraph and Dalia is no longer like the ordinary love between men and women. It feels more like the combination of the two lives. Paul has continued his life through this marriage. Dalia has also been shaped into a new revolutionary woman and found the meaning of her life. In fact, in the first two relationships, Paul is not a very active role, while in the third relationship with Dalia, Paul is active, which also reflects the growth of Paul.

In short, the description of love in this book is often not limited to the personal feelings between two people, but rises to the spirit, faith and growth, mature and deep. Think about how many TV dramas are about love. With some deliberate and shocking plots, it seems very superficial and ridiculous to compare this book.

In terms of writing, this book is clear and clear, and does not drag. It is very consistent with the character of the author/the protagonist in the book, and is readable. Think about the author’s own life experience. I really admire it!


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