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Beautiful Friends

A friend recommended this novel by Maupassant, so he bought one in the old book stall. Later, he found it was published in 1980, the year I was born. He thought that this book was just like me, and now it is nearly 30 years old, but it is in the street again. Unfortunately, it luckily fell into my hands, “fate”.

Maupassant’s short story is very famous. There was a “necklace” in the textbook. According to my reading at that time, it was about a woman’s ten-year bitter experience of paying off debts for a fake necklace because of bourgeois vanity. But then again, now everyone is competing with luxury houses and cars. They are willing to drain the old generation and share their income in the next 10 years, which is somewhat similar.

So Maupassant is very good at writing about these bourgeois things. The hero of Junyou, who was a down-and-out veteran, met an old comrade in arms and worked in the newspaper office to earn a living by pen. He is not very talented. The first article would not have been published without the help of his friend’s wife. But he was very aware of his shortcomings, and he was also very good at using his advantages. He soon mixed up in this business, although his life was still tight. But the bitter days soon passed. The old comrade-in-arms died of illness. The hero married the comrade-in-arms’ wife shortly after, and soon got an unexpected fortune. In this process, the protagonist’s psychology has changed a lot, so that Maupassant clearly divides the novel into two parts.

The reason for the turning point is that the protagonist found that his wife betrayed her ex-husband before her death. He was jealous, he was angry, and he hated it. Finally, he thought that “all women, all girls running on the street, should use them, and never treat them with sincerity”.

So he began to seduce the wife of the newspaper boss. Although she was so faithful at the beginning, she could not resist sweet talk. He also continued to keep in touch with his previous mistress, so that the two women almost ran into each other later and finally wore a band. But our hero’s face is really thick enough, and there is no tragedy. Moreover, the boss’s wife gave him an inside information so that he could earn 70000 gold francs.

However, he soon found that the 70000 gold francs were very small compared with the ten million francs earned by the newspaper boss in his own inside story, so he started to think again. He caught his wife in bed to divorce her, and then went to pursue the daughter of the newspaper boss and succeeded. The novel ends in a grand wedding, which is of course full of irony.

The hero is despicable, but like the famous poem of the North Island, “despicable is the pass of the despicable, and noble is the epitaph of the noble”. Although we can imagine how bad the hero’s image is among the close people around him, sometimes the public is not likely to know. So the hero can gain some admiration and admiration from the public. It is difficult to judge whether it can compensate for the contempt of close people. After all, it is not as simple as one plus one or one minus one.

However, when you think about it, it seems that not all people around him hate him to the bone, and some even love him even more. Just like the earliest mistress, he was also “three ups and three downs”, and finally loved him. Zhou Yu hit the yellow cover, one is willing to fight and the other is willing to fight.

Think again, how many deformations of this phenomenon are there around? Some people are naturally attractive, and some people are willing to be used by them and feel very satisfied. Some people are born with courage and do everything to achieve success. Some people are born mentally tough, and can sleep well even if they hurt others.

Some people get a sense of moral superiority because of the hero, some people fully understand the unbearable love because of the hero, some people find the key to the door of splendor and wealth because of him, and of course, some people think about life and death because of a supporting role’s broad theory of death in the book.

People are so different, and the world is so colorful.


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