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The Man Looking for Time 2: The Land of Eternit

Jenny had heard before that someone accidentally crossed the time membrane to come to Chenaong, but so many people crossed the time membrane together was still unheard of. A total of seven people came this time. These people stood on the main street of Chenaong and looked around.

Everyone was wet and muddy, as if they had just climbed out of the mud ditch. Six of them are old, or tired and tired, which makes them look a little old. They looked haggard, and their patched clothes were covered with mud. They looked around and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They were even more confused. The seventh man is totally different from them. He is still a child, a young boy. He was wearing camouflage clothes and huge brown boots, with a frightening weapon on his shoulder. The sharp end of the weapon points vertically into the air.

Jenny was a little scared when she saw the boy coming to her. She really wanted to turn him into something that didn’t look so dangerous, but she tried to control it. After all, there was no immediate danger. If things really get worse, she still has plenty of time to use her magic.

“Where is there anything?” the boy asked.

“What?” Jenna asked. “What is it?”

“Things,” he said

Jenny motioned to the low, dark house next to her. Although this is also a shop, in the other world’s Kenwala town, where Jenny once lived, it corresponds to a large supermarket in France. Seven people looked into the room through the leaky window. The light in the room was dim, and some sprouted potatoes and withered cabbage were placed on the dusty and unstable shelves. Suddenly, there was an angry roar from inside, which scared everyone. The boy grabbed the gun in his hand, turned the handle, but still let the muzzle face the sky. Then came another roar.

“What happened there?” Angus Og suddenly appeared at the entrance of the house. He was soaked all over, but luckily he was not as muddy as others. “Where are you from?” he shouted at the strangers.

Except for the boy who stood still, everyone else hurried back to the other side of the street. Jenny noticed that the boy’s fingers buckled the butt of the gun.

“Calm down, Dad,” she said.

Angus stared at Jenny angrily, and his face calmed a little. Thanks to the presence of his precious daughter Jenny, he would not have caused any big trouble as soon as his temper came up.

“Why are you all wet?” Jenny asked.

“The world water level over there has risen,” Angus said, looking at the dark shop behind him. “It has risen very high.”

“Ha ha,” Jenny said proudly, “the water level is really rising. Let me tell you.”

“What?” Angus said, “What did you say would happen?”

“Global warming,” she said. “Greenland’s glaciers are melting and the sea level is rising. I told you, do you remember?”

“Oh, so you are talking about the destruction of the world.” Angus said sourly, “These are all right. The key is that if this is the case, Francois will be gone. Where can I get tobacco in the future?”

Jenny shrugged and said, “Go to Goth and try your luck.”

“Goth?” Angus said excitedly, “OK, Goth!”

Jenny remembers hearing that Angus worked as a policeman in Goth Town for some time before she was born. Obviously, that experience is not all good memories.

“Do you have a better idea?” Jenny asked.

Alas, if you really have an idea, Angus doesn’t need to ask others again. He turned his attention back to the uninvited guests: “Who are these people? What do you want to do here?”

No one answered him. Angus looked at the boy and said, “Is he holding a gun?”

“Don’t worry, Dad,” Jenny said. “Just leave it to me.”

Suddenly, there was a loud “crash”, and a raven flapped its wings and flew up in the air. Angus Auger, in the form of a raven, flew over the rows of roofs and headed for Gott.

After a long time, the streets of Kendala were silent. The boy followed the crow until it disappeared from sight. Others looked at Jenny with fear, as if they were worried that she would become a monster. At that time, she really wanted to change her body to tease everyone, but when she saw that they were really poor, she couldn’t bear to tease them. She found herself beginning to sympathize with them.

An old woman broke the silence. She turned around and said to her colleagues, “As I said, we are dead and have reached hell.”

The boy soldier said, “For me, this place is not like hell at all, but more like heaven.”

“How do you know?” the old woman asked, “How do you know the difference between heaven and hell at your young age? As far as I know, people in heaven will not become ravens.”

“Look around you,” said the boy. “The sun is shining, and everyone is healthy, happy and peaceful. Isn’t this paradise?”

“But it will be gone in a flash,” she said. “I said earlier that this place is like our former Kenwala. Unfortunately, our Kenwala has already disappeared.”

“Well, this place,” said Jenny. She thought it was time to say something. “It has always been here and will always be here. The only strange thing that doesn’t belong here is you. So please tell me truthfully, where do you come from?”

“We met a man with a beard,” said the boy soldier. “He was looking for sheep on the hillside. He told us to go this way to find supplies.”

“That must be Devani,” Jenny said. “How did you first come to Chenaang?”

“Chenaango?” the boy asked, “Is this place called Chenaango?”

“Yes,” said Jenny, “why are you here?”

“We were sent to look for things,” the boy said. “All our things are almost exhausted. If we can’t find new supplies, we will all be ruined.”


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