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Call me with your name: If everything about that summer is forgotten, call me with your name again

Foreword: I learned about this book because of the film. The story of the novel took place in a sunny summer day. The son of a young professor fell in love with a short-term tenant in his home and started a tortuous and erotic taboo love with him. However, this relationship will eventually usher in a farewell. The first half of the novel gives me a feeling like Lolita, but the scene characters here have changed their tune, and it deduces a love story between the same sex that is as warm as summer flowers and as beautiful as autumn leaves.


If it is not “later”

Secret love always makes people hysterical, while single love always makes people exhausted. The story begins on a summer day when a professor who often rents out his spare room welcomes Oliver, a professor and writer tenant. Faced with various invitations, the knowledgeable writer always responded with the word “later”. Faced with several invitations from Elio, the writer always said, “Later, later.”.

The young and anxious heart will always get angry when facing the things that are not available. The other side doesn’t say “good” or “no”, just “after”. However, Elio later realized that this was just a sign of Oliver’s shyness, just like Leon did not know what to say when facing Matilda’s seemingly childish love words.

“When you can’t say ‘good’, don’t say ‘no’, say ‘later’. I’m afraid that’s why people often like to use the words’ maybe ‘to express their affirmation, but hope you take it as a negative. However, their real meaning is, please ask me again, just ask me again, and then ask me again.”

Just like Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” is the classic “spare tire” training manual, this “Call Me in Your Name” has to be said to be a condensed love treasure applicable to the routines of the opposite sex and the same sex


Lust in summer

At the beginning of the novel, Oliver teased Ario. On a summer day, Oliver suddenly appeared in Ario’s room, and let Ario, who was sleeping in his clothes, almost pour out his love for him. But just when Ario felt that there was a feeling between them, Oliver kept a distance from Ario in order to hide his heart.

In love, teenagers are always like this. It is as if they will always turn away from the person they like, and the person they like will talk to them and deliberately put on an uninterested look. This is not so-called arrogance, but just a shy nature. It is like once they let the other party know that they are infatuated with them, they will make the other party bored or laughed at.

This kind of character makes Elio tangled up, so he can only lie in bed all day and miss and dream of spring for no reason. Young love is full of eroticism. Whether of the same sex or the opposite sex, the smell of hormones always permeates the text. Elio paid attention to his daily clothes and secretly recorded the feelings of the other side represented by various colors (of course, he finally found that these were just his delusions). He also sneaked into Oliver’s room one day and kissed and fondled each other’s clothes crazily, just like Renado who stole Malina’s clothes in the “Beautiful Legend of Sicily”.


The afternoon on the cliff path

Lust is always the most tiring. Finally, Elio could not help suffering and was ready to spit it out. So he took Oliver from a path to a place near the sea. He pointed to this place and said to Oliver, this is the place where Monet’s “Cliff Path” was taken. Here, the place that has carried him for countless summers and witnessed him read countless books, he finally confided his heart to Oliver in a dilemma, just as the poet Paul Celan, who is very fond of the hero of the novel, said: between forever and never (German: zwischen imer und nie), he had to make a choice, but at this time he also had to play a word game:

“If only you could know that I know nothing about what really matters.”

“What is important?”

“What do you know? You should know by now.”

“Why did you tell me this?”

“Because I think you should know.”

“Because you think I should know.” He repeated my words, trying to understand its complete meaning. While sorting out the meaning, repeat these words to buy time. I know that iron is hot now.

“Because I want you to know,” I blurted out, “because I can only tell you.”

The best way to avoid rejection is to reject others first. I thought I could talk with Oliver clearly and clearly when I opened the sunroof, but Oliver still evaded and avoided what Elio said. The boy who was frustrated in love was lost in frustration like a young Witt. He introduced everything he loved around him to the other side and comforted himself at the same time.

When Oliver asked him, “Do you often like to be alone?” Elio said, like a depressed but feigned teenager, “No, no one likes to be alone, but I just learned to adapt.”

However, when Ario began to complain about himself, Oliver touched Ario’s lips with his fingers and kissed him as if he had been touched. So even though Oliver sometimes wanted to stop, Ario, who was full of lust in his heart, was already out of control. In fact, the shy Oliver always tries to tease each other when he tries to resist, such as touching each other’s feet with the sole of his foot under the table.


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