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Reading Kafka by the Sea

After watching “Norwegian Forest” and “Kafka by the Sea” today, I realized a literary temperament precipitated by Mr. Haruki Murakami: calm thinking and exploration of loneliness.

The two clues of “Kafka by the Sea” are intertwined. The big background is the war at that time, which made all people lose part of their souls. On the one hand is a 15-year-old boy who is cursed with “killing his father and mother, combining his sister”, and on the other hand is a 60-year-old man who has lost the ability of ordinary people to think but has the ability to talk with cats. The two seemingly unrelated people are involved by fate. During this period, both of them got spiritual growth and perfection, found the ultimate meaning of life, and found the shadow of deformity.

The characters are special and lonely. They carry glass dolphins in their hearts and walk alone with their hands carefully. The reason why the characters in this book are full of charm lies in their incomprehensible hearts, unspeakable feelings, mild sadness and Hegelian rational thinking. The appearance of the character is not to have a complete context, but just a fleeting water wave. After raising a circle of ripples, the proof of existence is that there is a few milliliters of oxygen in the water. Big Island of a special gender, Colonel Sanders, two unidentified ghost soldiers, and the parents of the teenager unfolded their past years to the readers in the step-by-step exploration of the teenager.

There is a profound mystery in the plain and gentle language. The answer is hidden in layers of buried facts. The answer seems to be close and accessible, but it is revealed through metaphors one by one, which is as confusing as the Sphinx riddle.

In order to fight against his father’s curse and fate, he decided to become the strongest 15-year-old boy in the world. So he left his father on his 15th birthday and followed the call of life to Sikoku Island. Because the curse was imprinted in his heart by his father, he was worried all the time. Facing the moving Cherry Blossom, he suspected that he was his sister. Facing the elegant Zuo Bo, his inner voice told him that she might be the mother who abandoned him in the year. However, despite his suspicions, he could not escape the fate arrangement. The terrible curse worked: first, his father was killed, then his sister and mother. But the young man’s heart was not destroyed because of this. On the contrary, all this has forged him into the strongest 15-year-old boy, which is also his best birthday gift.

As Oshima said, there were men, women and men in the world, but they were split in two by God. This may be the reason why the author explained why the shadow of Zuo Bo was only half of that of the boy and Nakata. Nakata, three years old, has lost his soul since he fell into a coma. Although he has the ability to communicate and predict with the cat, he has not known the meaning of his life until he met Jonny Walker, and his sleeping soul began to wake up. After seeing Jonny Walker’s twisted soul, in order to save the innocent life, he killed the father of Tamura instead of the youth, and went to the four countries under the arrangement of the god of fate. He found the entrance stone and released the soul of Job, and then completed the mission.

Nakata is such a simple old man. As the soul of the other half of the young man, his world is certainly more pure and clean than that of the young man. There is no evil, no worries, but all the misfortunes in the world are out of luck and need not be understood. He is the purest character in the whole novel. Just by intuition, he stepped on the bus to Siguo, noticed the quietly standing library, and came to the point with Ms. Zuber. This not only made me sigh again at the strength of fate, but also made people unable to escape from the fatalistic road. We can only step on one by one according to the tiles laid by fate and print our own marks.

Since the death of her lover at the age of 15, Zob’s heart has long been dead. In the forest at the end of the world, she is waiting for the arrival of her lover, that is, later youth. Although she lived elegantly and nobly in real life, her body moved towards the end of death step by step, until she met her child, Kafka Tamura, and went to another world peacefully after she had a thorough understanding of her soul. However, as the other half of her soul, she stubbornly stayed in the forest at the end of the world waiting for the arrival of the young man. At the time of parting, she told the young man the significance of living, The short words showed the wisdom and love of the mother. “Look at the picture!” finally stayed in the forest forever.

To be honest, I really admire Zober and admire her spirit of sacrificing for love. At the same time, I also love her persistence. The dead are gone, but she can’t overcome this setback after all. Her mind always stays at the beautiful age of 15. She has been sitting in the library room, holding her chin with her hands, staring at the youth in the painting, immersed in the past years. The flowers are similar year by year, but the people are different year by year. When you come to the sea again, the people around you are not the same as her and him. However, the person in front of you is also the one she has always loved. Can’t help but lament: pitiful maternal love, admirable and awesome fate.

The story with the same Oedipus complex, without the high and tortuous plot of Oedipus King, has only the afterthought of the bright place of the willow bank flower. After reading it, people can’t stop thinking about it. Unlike Oedipus, who was defeated by fate, he has been reborn. “When you wake up, you will become a part of the new world.” I agree with the words of the boy named Crow, “You have done the most right thing. No one else can do as well as you. After all, you are the most tenacious 15-year-old boy in the world.” The 15-year-old boy has undertaken a lot, But there is always a reward for his efforts, and he has also gained a lot. I admire the calm stability and courage of the young man, sympathize with his experience, and envy his growth even more.

Haruki Murakami really deserves to be a great writer of a generation.


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