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Weakness is a sin

Unlike most female readers, I used to love Ashley very much.

The love in middle school is also very simple. He is clean, handsome, gentle, refined and knowledgeable. Especially compared with Uncle Brun who has a beard, the image of Prince Charming is more distinct.

Even his worries sound so advanced: others’ worries extend to how much less cotton is harvested this year than last year, or where to find a matching mare for their own male horse. His world has poems and paintings. He worries about the profound question of the collapse of a civilization and the demise of a way of life.

What else can such a perfect man ask for? So I have expressed high understanding and deep sympathy for Scarlett’s continuous obsession for more than ten years.

Later, we learned that perfection is conditional and has very strict conditions.

Beautiful, kind-hearted and simple girls are easy to be perfect when they study in school every day, like countless heroines in Qiongyao’s novels. But after leaving school and facing the requirements of economic independence, it is difficult to not get a touch of worldly life. If she is still as thin as poetry, as refined as dreams, and as graceful as paintings, she may be killed on the beach by the tide of life sooner or later.

So is the elegant gentleman. In the lazy sunshine of the lazy town, the rustle of leaves, and the chattering life of boys riding horses, drinking and playing poker, how can the perfect smile of an elegant gentleman not capture the hearts of the girls to be married. The years of war and chaos do not need elegance, and the new life waiting to be revived after the end of the war also does not need elegance.

Elegant as Ashley, his light has been radiated in the years of peace in the previous chapters. For many years after that, he did not need elegance. He was still elegant, and he was always as reluctant as Big Ben.

The black slave ran away, and the farm fence needed to be cut. He could not cut it well.

He needs money. He can’t earn money when the business of the timber store is handed to him.

Scarlett was blackmailed by the northerners to discuss with him. He just kept saying, what should we do, and what should all the southerners do. We used to have such a comfortable life, which will never be. Scarlett had no choice but to marry an old man with some spare money and pay the ransom. Red later learned that he was angry and said that if he really loved you, even if he stole and robbed, he could not let you do so.

He hugged Scarlett and was seen by his own sister, believing that his wife had suppressed all doubts with her spotless reputation, while he remained silent, even watching his wife bitterly accuse his own sister of lying and slandering.

Scarlett always believed that he loved her spiritually, even though he always stayed with his wife.

Maybe it’s because every time she asks him, do you love me? He said nothing. Do you love her? He is still silent.

Although her wife is deeply in love with him. She knew him clearly and knew that he could not be strong, but she always stood by him with her ability, perseverance and kindness.

Scarlett also loved him. With her incomparable vitality and fighting spirit, she has survived one difficulty after another after the collapse of the elegant life. Even if it is difficult, she will do everything she can to help him.

Without these two strong women who loved him, he would have gone to sleep with the elegant life he loved and could not leave. But he always tied his soul to the souls of the two women. He did not change or escape, but was weak.

Although he always looks handsome, tall, elegant and polite.

Finally, the perfect wife who wanted to have a second child behind his back died of dystocia due to her fragile constitution.

After spending more than ten years of her youth, Scarlett finally accepted a very simple fact: he did not love her, he was just too weak to refuse her.

Red finally got tired of this long love race and left with a tired heart.

And Ashley’s life, with the departure of two women, was finally empty.

Even his sister, in order to preserve his false and exclusive reputation, was permanently branded as defamatory.

From beginning to end, he was a kind and honest man. However, the broken reality finally told him that it was not bad that was the poison, and weakness itself was enough to be a sharp weapon to hurt people.

It breaks the heart of the person who loves you. It makes you lose the ability to love and love. It makes you end up with nothing but being alone.

Yes, please remember that weakness is a sin.

And it is often men who are weak.

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