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The British Patient

Canada  Michael Ondajie

The British Patient is the representative work of Michael Ondajie, a famous Canadian writer. In 1992, it won the British Booker Prize and the Canadian Governor’s Literature Award.

Michael Ondaje described the fate meeting of four sad people in an abandoned villa in Italy at the end of World War II with beautiful and lyrical strokes. They live in the idyllic scenery, but cannot enjoy the peace and tranquility brought by the end of the war.

Hanna, who lost her father and children in the war and was physically and mentally exhausted, stubbornly took care of her last patient. Caravaggio, who became a war hero because of stealing skills, also lost his thumbs. He can only imagine who he is through morphine. Indian soldier Kip, smart and alert, dismantled mines and bombs in a place where nothing is safe except himself. British patients, who were burned all over, lay in their beds all day long, trapped in memories and hallucinations. In order to save his lover, he went deep into the desert in the name of betrayal, but he was three years late

Editor’s recommendation

A brand new translation of the Booker Prize classic “The British Patient”, which has been honored by Chinese readers for 15 years

Representative work of Michael Ondajie, a famous Canadian writer

The original work of the film “The British Patient” directed by Anthony Mingla and won 9 Oscar awards

Author profile

Michael Ondajie (1943 -), Canadian novelist and poet. Born in Sri Lanka, he came to Britain with his mother at the age of 11, and moved to Canada at the age of 19, and now lives in Toronto.

To date, Ong Dajie has published six novels, one memoir, more than ten poetry collections and non-fiction works. Among them, “The British Patient” (1992) won the British Booker Award and the Canadian Governor’s Literature Award. Later, it was adapted and made into a film of the same name by British director Anthony Mingla in 1996. It won nine Oscar awards and was a great success; The Ghost of Anil (2000) won the Governor of Canada Literature Award, Giller Literature Award and French Medici Foreign Literature Award; Outlook (2007) won the Governor of Canada Literature Award.

Michael Ondajie’s words are imaginative, have both visual and auditory effects, and inject new vitality into both poetry and fiction.


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