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Justice is a kind of education “Kill a Mockingbird”

I have been thinking about what is breeding all the time. Is it better to wear Armani than to wear Barney Road? Later, I learned that wearing Armani was indeed more decent than wearing Barney Road, but the upbringing was not enough. What on earth is upbringing? After watching “Kill a Anti-tongue Bird”, I understand that breeding is too complicated, but first of all, it should be justice, which is a kind of breeding.

In the 1930s, in the South of the United States, lawyers brought a pair of children. Their lives were flat. The children had no misfortunes in their childhood and grew up playing. Once, they invited a classmate from a poor family to have dinner at home. The classmate ate in a strange way. He almost poured a liter of syrup on the food. The little girl asked him what he was doing. The servant took the girl to the kitchen and said, “He is your guest. Even if he wants to eat the tablecloth, you can’t say anything.”. One year, two children received two air guns from relatives as Christmas gifts. Their father was not satisfied with the gift, and thought that the air gun was an unfair advantage to other animals given by God.

The calm day was disturbed by one thing. My father defended a black man accused of raping a white girl. People in the county felt that he was crazy and that trouble was coming one after another. The children were abused at school and thought that their father was humiliated by “playing for the nigger”. The insults of her classmates angered the little girl, and she fought with her classmates. When he came home, his father knew the reason for her fight and said to her, “When a fool thinks that someone cares for the black people more than they care for them, he will use it to scold people… If others think that it is a cheap statement and use it to call you, it will never be an insult to you. He can only show how poor that person is”. What his father asked them to do is: hold up their heads, go over and be a gentleman.

In the court, the lawyer tried his best to defend the black man. The truth is that the white girl seduced the black man, was broken by his father, the black man ran away in panic, and the white girl lied about being raped. But the jury found him guilty. His black skin was sin. The daughter watched the disappointed father walk out of the court, and all the black people around stood up. The people around her gently reminded her: “Miss Joan Louise, stand up. Your father is going through here.”

The story did not end. The disappointed family was scolded by the people around them, but the pain was more from the pursuit of justice: it was unfair. In the case, everyone knew the truth, but some people would win because of the established ignorance and prejudice and arbitrary power. The father said that only children would cry at this time. When they played with the two air guns, the father said, “It doesn’t matter how many blue birds you shoot, but remember, killing a robin is a sin.” Because they only sing to people and don’t do anything bad.

Seeing this, I increased my confidence in vain. If I want to be the mother of anyone in the future, I will also tell him that it is a sin to kill a robin, my child. Many years ago, there were some uncles and aunts who were the same age as their mothers. They sang to the country with their hearts, but they stayed at their mothers’ age forever. That was the most uneducated moment in this country.

I will also say to him, child, you should keep in awe, that is, men’s awe of women, civilization’s awe of nature, and people with power’s awe of people without power. Don’t think that holding a gun in your hand is bravery. The real bravery is that you know what justice is and insist on not doing injustice. Considering that now I have less fear of who will be my mother in the future, I will hold my head high with him and go to be a gentleman.


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